An ‘Allez’ to success

In an amazing turn of fortune, Teddyson John has gone in a few short years from being a spectator at Soca on the Hill to being a performer this year at the annual event.

A  newcomer to the regional soca scene with a current smash hit Allez which has been scorching up the airwaves, the St Lucia-born entertainer is naturally ecstatic about his recent musical success.

“I’ve been watching for years and to actually be a part of (Soca on the Hill) with so many artists that I look up to, it’s amazing,” he told Barbados TODAY.

Teddy, as he is affectionately called by family and friends, ‘hit it for six’ this year with Allez. This inspirational, feel-good song has helped John to find his niche in the soca market – as a performer of inspirational songs.

“I’m from St. Lucia and being able to represent home, it’s amazing so for me. Out of all the other songs I’ve ever done, the most inspirational one was the one to touch people so I think I know where I want to dabble,” John went on.

“I’m not a rum drinker so I can’t pretend to be something I’m not. I just want to be able to give music that…continue to touch the hearts of people.”

Still awestruck at his success and the fact he has had the opportunity to tour Toronto, Grenada and Tortola with well-known names in regional entertainment like Skinny Fabulous, Lyrikal and Ricardo Drue, John remarked: “To be here with them is amazing. I just feel happy. It gets a little hectic but I like it because it’s my first time doing it.”

Commenting on changes in Barbadian soca, John said: “I find this year’s music has a lot of melody, a lot of vibe, singing – that’s my kind of thing”.

He applauded Barbados for creating a competition at Crop Over for each genre of soca, namely bashment, sweet soca and party or jump soca. “I like that they separated it and gave everybody their own different name,” he said.

John is avidly following the Sweet Soca competition and is most impressed with Peter Ram’s Crop Over Good Morning  which he thinks is a winner. “I love ‘Good Morning’,” he said. “That is my tune so I’m repping for Ram”.

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