Big up de ole dog!

todays vendorIt is July, de month uh Crop Over, and musicians and singers been coming through Capital Media HD 99.3.

RPB, Grynner and King Bubba came over de past week and regaled de audience wid stories. De music dis year sweet again and de ole dog, as he calls himself, Grynner, ripping up de airwaves wid the monster hit, Turn Up De Speaker.

Pun top of dat, Arturo just did a remake which was launched on Capital Media HD last Friday morning.  Dat remix real bad too and rumour has it dat another big name doing a second remix of de song.

Definitely one of de favourites fuh de road dis year! Well done to de old man of soca!   When yuh consider dat Grynner was making hits songs during the time uh Prime Minister Tom Adams, yuh got to raise yuh hand fuh de ole dog dat he is still mashing up de Big Show tent 35 years on.

Kudos too tuh de Red Boyz for recognizing dis incredible man and he talent. Grynner said dat de Red Boyz told him to hold on, dat dey were looking for de right song for him for five years. Well dey certainly found it dis time around.  In life, timing can be everything. Seven road march titles later and de ole dog still cranking up de speakers.

On de whole, so much sweet music playing from RPB tuh King Bubba, Peter Ram, Imani, Marvay, Biggie Irie, Lil Rick, iWeb, soca diva Alison Hinds and others.

Wid Crop Over mingled wid CPL cricket and all de premium all-inclusive parties and Soca on de Hill, yuh got to wonder when people finding time to actually go to work. But so far dis year, things runnin’ smooth. No major hiccups to date.

One uh de big talking points in Bubbadus is de release from prison of a man convicted uh one de most heinous murders. He murdered he wife wid a cutlass by almost decapitating she and also killed she 14-year-old daughter.  He young son escaped by hiding under de bed.

People blue vex dat dis man get release back into society after 20-odd years in jail. Should someone like dat ever taste freedom? De whole system seems in trouble and dis trouble didn’t start yesterday. It was years in de making. Cases backlogged fuh decades, people waiting fuh hearing fuh years and waiting fuh decisions just as long. Threatening to sue someone who owe you is a joke cause if them know de system, dem could keep you waiting and waiting and waiting fuh years.

Policemen suing de authorities over lack of promotion and promotion methods, de Commissioner of Police suing over being relieved uh he job, National Conservation Commission (NCC) workers who get lay off in 2014 win a case against the NCC at de Employment Rights Tribunal. Some happy wid de decision, others want more relief and want back their jobs.

Confusion over de importation uh chicken wings wid only one agency, de Government-owned Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (BADMC) licensed to import chicken wings.

Yet someone wid a container full uh chicken wings manage to get through and weeks later nobody saying publicly who de body is dat import de wings. Never mind dem wings did not lift off and get condemned and burned, we still asking, who de body is who bring in de wings?

So while de rest uh de world fighting up wid matters like ISIS and terrorism and de USA scrambling  to decide who to pick between Trump and Clinton, we bout here dealing wid heavy matters like chicken wings and whether Crop Over costumes too skimpy!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?

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