Harewood steals food and jewellery

COURT TODAY BLOCKOn June 15, he broke into Cecile Harewood’s home and stole several food items – including turkey, ham, fish, tuna and cokes — and at least one piece of jewellery to the tune of $464.

Two weeks later, Roy Anthony Harewood returned to the same house and stole a bottle of rum and ginger beer; this time the items were worth $68.40.

After the Breedy’s Land, Silver Sands, Christ Church resident pleaded guilty before Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale today, a pre-sentencing report was ordered and he was remanded to prison.

According to Station Sergeant Rudolph Burnett, the homeowner secured her premises on June 15 and left home.

Later, a neighbour, who was outside cleaning his own surroundings, heard a noise coming from the complainant’s house. He peeped and saw a man inside. The neighbour went by the paling and began making enough noise that would cause the thief to believe the house was surrounded by people. He eventually hit the paling with a rock and Harewood ran out. The neighbour chased the thief into the Silver Sands area. However, he still managed to get away with groceries and a pendant.

On the second occasion, the woman again secured her home and left around 8. 30 a.m. but would later discover more food items missing.

Investigations led to Harewood, who is known to the courts.

“Why would you go into this lady’s house twice”, Seale asked. “You think this is a corner shop? You seemed to have gone shopping in this lady’s house . . . a bottle of rum . . . even the chaser you stole?”

“I was hungry,” Harewood replied.

“You know why you so hungry? You got to leave out the dope!” the Acting Magistrate said. He then warned that drugs affected people’s brains and made them unemployable, after which they become idle and eventually steal.

When Harewood was asked to speak on his own behalf, he begged the court for “a break”.

“I can’t give you a break. You had enough break-ins already,” Seale responded, referring to Harewood’s priors for burglary; many of which were for breaking into homes and stealing food.

“I take home invasions as exceptionally serious . . . . People’s homes are not safe when you are out,” Seale concluded.

Harewood will return to court on August 4.

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