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Forklift driver’s decomposing body found in his home

Anthony Dacosta Bishop, whose decomposing body was discovered at his Wavell Avenue, Black Rock home around noon Wednesday, may have been dead for days.

A distraught Esther Bishop, sister of the 54-year-old man, told Barbados TODAY she had not seen her brother, who lived next door, since last Sunday. However, the only indication she had that something awful may have happened to him was the fact that she did not hear him leaving his yard at 5 a.m., as he did routinely, to take his six pit-bull dogs for their daily walk.

A distraught Esther Bishop looking at a picture of her brother Anthony Bishop.
A distraught Esther Bishop looking at a picture of her brother Anthony Bishop.

She went over to his house on Tuesday calling out his name but got no answer and even though there was a foul odour coming from the house, Esther said her initial thought was that one of his dogs might have killed a cat.

It was only after she phoned her brother’s workplace yesterday morning to see after his well-being that she discovered that the unthinkable had happened to him.

“I was at work so I call my daughter and tell her, ‘go and check on your uncle’. She tell me the house smell bad and it got flies and thing. I say, ‘well I know yesterday it had an odor but it smell like it was a cat’. Then she call me back and say the louvers on the side of the door were open and when she [peeped inside] she saw the body there by the door,” Esther explained.

She said Bishop’s death had come as a total shock to his entire family, including Bishop’s mother and father, even though he had been involved in a car accident on July 2.

Anthony Bishop

However, as far as they all were aware, Bishop did not suffer any serious injuries as a result of the accident, and was only treated for a small cut to his face.

She also acknowledged that Bishop had been diagnosed with diabetes, but said he was not on any type of medication and generally appeared as though he had the condition under control.

“He changed his eating habits, so when my daughter call me and tell me that he inside the house dead, that was a real shocker because I wasn’t looking for that,” Esther said, adding that his relatives were now anxiously awaiting the outcome of an autopsy to see exactly what was wrong.

Anthony Bishop’s home where he was found dead around noon yesterday.
Anthony Bishop’s home where he was found dead around noon yesterday.

Despite not hearing from her brother for several days, Esther said she thought nothing of it since the forklift driver, whom she described as very private person, had been on vacation since July 4.

“I say he on vacation and I ain’t hearing he so he probably sleeping in late or something,” she said, stressing that her brother as a “secretive person”.

Esther said it was only occasionally that she had lengthy conversations with him. However, she said when he was in a mood, he was capable of “cracking a good joke”.

Bishop also loved playing dominoes, taking his role as a member of the National Domino Whist & Hearts Clubs’ Association of Barbados very seriously.

His sister said though her brother had no children, he loved his dogs, which he spent most of his time taking care of.

“Every morning the dogs wake me up when he carry them for a walk and feed them whatever,” she said, also pointing out that her brother loved cricket, but with cricket on in Barbados over the past few days in hindsight she said, “I didn’t hear the radio or anything”.

Police are treating his death as unnatural.

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