Troubled teen’s family to undergo counselling

A Black Rock, St Michael family for which counselling was recommended after a teenaged girl admitted biting her stepfather on his shoulder, will be getting help.

All parties agreed to attend counselling earlier Monday after Magistrate Douglas Frederick spoke to the stepfather, after he attended the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court.

While the complainant refused compensation and was adamant that he would take care of his medical bills himself, he asked for help for the girl so she could better control her behaviour.

The magistrate also placed the teen on one year’s probation.

Last Friday, the 16-year-old student pleaded guilty before Magistrate Frederick to assaulting her mother’s boyfriend and causing him actual bodily harm on July 2.

The District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court heard there was a confrontation after the girl took the complainant’s towel from the clothes-line and threw it through his bedroom window and on to the floor.

Later, while he was walking through the house, the girl jumped on his back and bit him in the shoulder. When he was telling her mother about it, the girl cuffed him in his face before her mother could restrain her. The man went next door and called the police.

Responding, the student recalled that while she was in the backyard, her stepfather’s towel fell off the line so she picked it up, removed it from near the other clothing and placed in by itself on the line.

She said he then came outside, began cursing her and calling her names. As he turned to leave the yard, she jumped on his back and bit him.

The family will begin counselling with PAREDOS and must return to court on November 29 for an update of their progress.

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