Redman still not happy with Ministry of Education

Another case of no consultation by the Ministry of Education, is how President of Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) Mary Ann Redman today reacted to plans by Government to expand the curriculum at the Barbados Community College by adding more bachelor’s degree programmes.

“As usual, the teachers’ unions have not been informed or consulted. There has been no dialogue on any new courses introduced at any level in any education institution across this country. There has been no consultation with the union,” she told Barbados TODAY.

The BSTU spokeswoman said she received information about the changes like any other person via the press, emphasizing that no correspondence was sent to her union on the matter, as was the previous custom and practice.

“I am seeing information like any other person through the print media or hearing it on the radio,” Redman told Barbados TODAY.

“Things are just being done from the top down without any regards for such matters, and as I reiterate without any consultation with agencies of the teachers in the system,” a frustrated Redman added.

She said the problem of lack of consultation was now occurring across the board and was of primary concern to the teachers’ representatives who were simply not being consulted on any changes.

In the meantime, the BCC is said to be pushing ahead with implementation of bachelor’s degrees in various disciplines, including Arts and Entertainment Management, Applied Health Sciences, Clinical Laboratory Science, Culinary Management, Media & Journalism and Physical Education in time for the 2016-2017 acadamic year. Similar programmes are already available in Pharmacy, Nursing & Fine Arts, with more courses set to be in rolled out at the Eyrie Campus in the distant future.

In the meantime, Redman has taken a further dig at the Ministry of Education over its recent decision to dock the pay of teachers who attended two meetings called by the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), saying the matter was one that “affects the constitutional right of every Barbadian worker to join a union and having joined a union to be able to meet with that organization to have his/her interest represented”.

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    Elvin Brome July 6, 2016 at 6:08 am

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