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Mother counting blessings after son’s deadly tirade

GEORGETOWN –– A woman, whose right arm was almost severed last Friday when her son went berserk and killed his wife and son, is counting her blessings that doctors have managed to save her limb. Her son also chopped her in the process.

Jennifer Monplaisir was rushed to the hospital with her right arm hanging and three fingers on her left hand almost severed. She also sustained multiple chop wounds to her back and both arms. She is the only survivor of last Friday’s attack.

Hospitalized: Jennifer Monplaisir
Hospitalized: Jennifer Monplaisir

The woman is now thankful that doctors were able to save her arm and fingers. Both of her hands are in cast.

When Kaieteur News visited her at the hospital Monday, she said, “Meh deh in nuff pain and meh can’t really move, move.”

Around 4 a.m. last Friday, 27-year-old Suresh Ganesh went berserk and slaughtered his partner, Vanessa Sookram, 34, and two-year-old son Joel Ganesh. He chopped his mother multiple times, almost severing her right arm and fingers.

The killer, still carrying the murder weapon, fled from the residence to Samaroo Dam, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, where he attacked a resident, but was shot while attempting to chop a policeman.

Recalling what transpired on that morning, Monplaisir said that she heard her son crying out for hunger so she went over to his shack which is located at the back of her Lot 57 Best Squatting Area, West Coast Demerara (WCD) home to ask if he wanted bread.

“Me tell he that me na got food but he can get bread and he said he want it so meh went back home and collected the bread,” she stressed.

She recalled when she walked over back to her son’s home to take the bread, she noticed that he had a cutlass in his hand but thought nothing of it at the time since, “Me na expect he woulda chop me up.”

Fighting to hold back tears, Monplaisir said when she handed her son the bread, he held onto her hand and chopped her.

With her right arm hanging, the woman ran for her life and managed to reach her home and locked the door.

“Meh husband, small son and meh cousin went upstairs and when them see me in blood, them want know who chop me so fast. Them lock the door and li’l time after, we walk to go out and get a taxi,” the woman recounted.

Trying not to make noise, the trio along with the injured woman managed to get to the front gate before noticing Ganesh running behind them with a cutlass.

“Them [her husband, son and cousin] run and left me and he [Ganesh] start chop me again and I start hollering and my boss who lives couple houses away, come out and that’s how me get save or he would have chopped off me neck and killed me right there,” the 49-year-old woman said.

She added that she was then rescued by neighbours and taken to the hospital to seek medical attention.

Murdered: Vanessa and her two-year-old son
Murdered: Vanessa and her two-year-old son

“When meh reach to the hospital, me hear that he killed the li’l boy and Vanessa, too,” she said.

When asked what could have been the motive behind the killing, Monplaisir said that her son heard that his wife was having an affair and blamed her (Monplaisir) for it.

“He was out to get me because he say that me finding man for his wife, but that is not true. That morning, like he bin smoke up cocaine,” the woman stressed.

She said that she can never forgive her son for what he has done.

“I can’t forgive him, I don’t want a murder man for a son.”

Today, Ganesh will be taken for psychiatric evaluation before charges are laid.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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