Don’t be fooled!

Mottley says St Lucy airport talk is part of a ‘DLP illusion’

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley last night sought to warn Barbadians that with general elections now less than two years away, the Freundel Stuart Government is busy trying to create an “illusion” of development across in the country.

Addressing a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) meeting at Queen’s College on Sunday night, Mottley singled out the Sam Lord’s redevelopment project in St Philip, and the proposed airport project for St Lucy, concluding that these were all part of a “mirage” by the ruling Freundel Stuart administration as it readies itself for the much-anticipated national poll.

Emphasizing that Government was nowhere close to commencing demolition work at Sam Lord’s, the Opposition Leader pointed out that there was only one tractor deployed at the June 27 groundbreaking ceremony for the new Wyndham Hotel.

“One tractor to knock down how many hundreds of rooms and buildings?” the BLP leader asked, while noting that the then acting Prime Minister, Richard Sealy, had reportedly said, “it would take three to four months to finish the demolition”.

Comparatively, she spoke of the seconds it took to demolish the Hilton by implosion back in 1999.

“But we now have a Government that is so looking to present the mirage, the illusion, of activity, that it wants you to believe it would take them three or four months to knock down Sam Lord’s Castle before they can start building.

“But you see elections are 18 months away, and these people feel that if they show you a project here and there [they will get your support].”

Mottley further queried: “Didn’t Sam Lord’s have a groundbreaking in September last year? Sam Lord’s would now go into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most groundbreakings because they had a second groundbreaking last week”.

She also attacked Sealy for suggesting that an airport was in the works for St Lucy.

“A prefeasibility study for a second airport when you can’t even get garbage collected when the week come,” Mottley said.

“When you driving up from Boarded Hall [St George] to Six Roads [St Philip], you see both sides of the roads cut. For five years now they can’t even finish the cut rock and road . . . . Worst than that, they can’t de-bush the four to five feet of bush growing on the areas of the road that cut, but you will have the nonsense of them insulting your ears to tell you that he gone find money for a pre-feasibility study for a second airport in Barbados,” she said.

“The people of St Lucy want their garbage collect,” she said, adding that northern residents wanted assurances, “that they can get a bus to town to get to work on time”.

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  1. Alex Alleyne July 5, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Maybe too much checking at GAIA so an airport in the North will follow just like the other sea port on the west coast.


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