Thieves strike twice at popular shopping mall

Police were Thursday called in by the management of Sheraton Mall, Christ Church to investigate two criminal incidents that took place at the popular shopping mall over the past 24 hours.

In a brief statement issued to Barbados TODAY this evening, Sheraton’s General Manager Kim King confirmed that a shoplifting incident had occurred at Cave Shepherd’s Sheraton outlet yesterday. She also indicated that there was a break-in at the mall early this morning. A team from Barbados TODAY which visited the mall discovered a small section of the building was cordoned off.

“We are working with the police in hopes of catching and prosecuting the perpetrator as soon as possible.

“Even though there is an apparent rise in brazen criminal activity in Barbados, we want to assure the public that Sheraton Mall remains a safe place for families,” King added.

Today two videos went viral showing the daring robbery at the Cave Shepherd outlet.

The first recording, lasting 1:55 seconds, shows two men walking throughout the duty free store, picking up items freely, and stuffing them into a backpack.

A woman, who appears to be one of the store’s clerks, was seen at one point approaching the men as they did their “shopping”.

In the second video, which is 31 seconds long, the men were seen leaving the mall, with a security guard in sight.

When contacted by Barbados TODAY, Cave Shepherd’s Retail Manager Beverley Belgrave confirmed the incident but said the matter was now in the hands of the police.

“I am aware that a video is circulating. We haven’t posted any video, so therefore I cannot comment,” Belgrave said.

Lawmen are yet to make a statement on the matter.

One Response to Thieves strike twice at popular shopping mall

  1. jrsmith July 1, 2016 at 9:07 am

    What are we expecting , Barbados is becoming an island of thieves, this is what our lazy ass crooked politicians have driven our people to. Its going to get worst, the people we hope to protect the security of Barbados have no real concern, our politicians, because what ever happens to our people bag or worst wouldn’t effect them ,because they will get they salaries and pension for doing f..all for the people of Barbados..

    Why you all think the people of the (UK) voted to leave the (EU) because everything thats wrong with politics and politicians is always confronting the hard working honest people of the (UK) which also throws up other factor that politicians continuously lie about…..
    Look at the establishment, the large corporates, the unruly untrustworthy banks, the financiers and that combination gives us (Corporate Political Corruption) thats what the capitalist system was design for to create super wealth for the minority which has worked..

    Look where we are at as a nation, the only country we can depend on is the (UK) whether it be tourism or direct privilege loans, we have no other guaranteed source to help our survival..
    we better be careful not to bite the hand that will feed us.

    When we look at our region we have no real political or financial or economic strength to help each other, this is a continuous happening decade after decade. when are we going to wake up, who are we waiting on , where are going, how are we going to survive.. for us in Barbados its coming to past when we would be scared even locked down in our own homes…

    It seems so obvious , we would eventually have to build more prison space…look at the faces of the ones who is committing the daily crime….


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