Let’s cry not for Britain

The majority of the British electorate have acted. Now that this nation has detached herself from the superstate of the European Union –– the global empire –– she could now conduct normal relations with the world –– the global village.

Human beings kill for their identity. As soon as a baby is born, she realizes her attachment to the world about her: a continuous, unbroken world of faces, babble, walls, crib. She begins to detach itself.

It is only by detachment that she becomes herself: unique, existential. Separation from mother, father, the other. She is not content with babble. She must find her own voice. She thirsts to talk –– for voice, for autonomy, for identity.

Her parents are surprised, if they sit still and watch how this identity grows. Did I produce that? Such a weird combo! A child who wants to put streaks of purple in her hair, wants to be an international lawyer, loves alligators, hates the piano, loves curry, hates fruits. Did I produce that?

Try to take these things away from her; just try, and you will make her day.

And so with human and animal civilizations. Brexit is not chance. Do you remember when Britain was born? How she grew up? The Celts? The Stone Age Cornish folk? The invasions by every proverbial “bitch” and her brother?

Romans, Gauls, Vikings, Angles, Jutes, over 1,000 years from Caesar to William The Conqueror in 1066. And the wars she fought? From the Romans, every Vandal and Viking, every European nation, the Turks, Saracens.

And her conquests? From Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, to Elizabeth II, the Queen who would as soon pass her throne to her son, as pass a terrier to her corgi.

And her civil wars: one man robbed from the rich to give to the poor; one man put barrels of gunpowder under her Parliament; one man broke with the pope to marry freely; one queen beheaded her sister Scottish queen; one man massacred large populations in Scotland and Ireland.

Renaissance, Reformation, Counter-Reformation, Revolution, Empire, the Industrial Revolution, Karl Marx completing his manifesto in England and breathing socialism, social welfare, worker’s revolution into the modern British state!

The European Community, European Union, is an attempt to build a superstate to counteract the economic rise of former feudal, colonized states, which began to flex their economic muscles after World War II: Russia, China; the former Commonwealth nations of India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada; nations in South-East Asia, Korea, Japan; Brazil, Argentina, Chile in Latin America; Iran in the Middle East; and in Africa, South Africa.

By the era of neo-liberalism, globalization in the 1980s, each nation was an MBA. Each could manufacture, trade with any other nation on Earth. Europe and the United States lost their hegemonic mercantile power.

Globalization for Europe, large trade agreements, backfired. Not for the financial elites, but for the ordinary working citizens. European and United States companies chased cheap labour and lax law globally, sending their working and middle classes into decline or stasis.

Global competition means less taxation booty in the coffers of government, leading to large public debt, recession, declining infrastructure, unemployment especially among the youth, a heavier reliance on corrupt financial Ponzi schemes and derivatives.

In times of crisis, the people go back to their identity: roots. Deep primordial links which connect them to their history: the agonizing fortunes of their past revolutions, civil wars, conquests, social revivals and reformations. Blood.

Brexit is part of the revolution against the global establishment –– the same financial and political suzerains that both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders target in their campaign rhetoric.

The European superstate is a conceptual Rome. Roman law, military, trade, church. Roman court, regulation, banking system. The problem is, if the whole world becomes Rome, who will challenge Rome when Rome is wrong? I will not cry for Brexit, for Britain.

Scotland voted to stay in Europe, because she prefers to be ordered from Brussels rather than London. Same with Northern Ireland. Cambridge, Oxford and London are the seats of historical British rule, British law, politics, economics. Its ruling elites. It is these intellectual, political and financial seats that armed Britain for empire in the 19th century.

Cry not for Brexit or Britain. Britain will do well, thank you. The British are a conservative, frugal, practical and hardy people. They possess a long history of immigration and counter-immigration, emigration; long history of revolution and counter-revolution.

Britain possesses a rich educational and training culture. She keeps records. She likes silly amusements, to have a laugh. She has a strong business and political culture. English leaders, Prime Minister David Cameron, and football manager Roy Hodgson resigned promptly when their campaigns failed.

She is a pioneer in one of the most incredible scientific projects ever undertaken by man: fusion technology –– the attempt to create plasma to contain hydrogen fusion: energy that would power the planet into perpetuity.

The price of the pound will drop, the financial markets will panic. In two years, Britain, with or without Scotland, will rebound –– once she disconnects herself from superpower state, Euro and United States hegemony in the world; becomes less of an American corgi, Brexits from her sycophancy towards this nation.

Once she connects with the rest of the world –– in trade, education, finance, law, politics, technology; in other words, become part of the global village, and not global empire.

(Wayne Kublalsingh is an environmental activist.)

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  1. Kay Critchlow
    Kay Critchlow July 1, 2016 at 9:23 am

    What a fabulously written piece perfectly executed and bang on the nail.


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