Marvay going bigger and better for fans

Last year, he gave you Survive The Weekend, and had Barbadians hanging on to his every word. And, it’s no secret his fan base has tripled.

This year, he is letting all his fans know that while he may not remember all their names, he knows their faces!

Damian Marvay again this year is basking in the glory of having one of the best songs so far for the season. He told Bajan Vibes he was quite humbled by the response yet
once more.

Damian Marvay on stage.

Know The Face was introduced first by 7th Wing. They did Survive The Weekend last year. It was only serendipitous that we went back around to those guys. It felt the same as last year; I knew it was for me. It just felt right. I am humbled to say the least.  I’m grateful to every single person who likes the song. I can’t believe the song is at 60,000, and it’s not even July yet,” Marvay said.

He said this year he was slightly pressured, but was confident.

“I’m feeling pressure, but I know what to expect. Last year, I guess I was a little more naive or giddy –– whatever word; but this year I’m definitely locked in. I’m ready,” he declared.

And, he has definitely learnt from his mistakes in last year’s Sweet Soca Semi-Finals and is ready to make it up to his fans, and do what it takes to make the finals.

But what exactly happened last year that caused Marvay to fumble at the semi-final stage? He cleared it all up for those who were curious.

“Anxiety got the best of me. I underestimated the emotions I was going to have. Last year, I had to go around and hear all the time, ‘You know I had you for the finals’, over and over.

“My manager [made by hand] 12 wristbands. As we got down to Kensington and pulled in, she told me she forgot the wristbands. I’m not a little child, but I definitely wanted her energy as I was going in to perform.

“So, she went back home and found a man burglarizing the house. She told me I still needed to go on,” he explained.

He assured his fans it would not happen again.

“Nothing like that will be repeated. Music teaches you if you have a call time, even if you get the worst news, they are 3,000 people out there expecting you to come on stage and give your best. This year I know what to expect in all departments.

“Music is do it, do it now. I have learnt and grown from last year; still learning and still growing; still feel like a student. it’s just a year later.

“I just want that by the finals, even though I don’t come first, I want everyone to feel like I did my best, and go away feeling good,” Marvay said.

Again this year, Marvay is a part of De Big Show, and he says it’s like a dream come true.

“Very proud to be included again this year. It’s actually one of the best tents we have.


It’s like a dream come true for me to be on a stage with Grynner and the others. I used to watch him when I was younger; so to be singing next to him its just amazing,” he revealed.

And just how does he feel when the crowd sings his song word for word? Marvay said: “I feel like a child when I hear the crowd singing my song back to me. It’s a dream come true and quite unbelievable. Little kids are singing my song. I feel like it’s only going to get better.”

Marvay is looking forward to a great season this year, and would have his fans stay tuned for even bigger things from him.

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