Cheating death

Bostic said he was saved by the hands of God

Just after 5:15 p.m. on Sunday, June 26, Radcliffe Bostic was travelling along Brucevale Road, St Andrew, making his way to a picnic on the East Coast.

He never got there. Instead, hours later he was waking up at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, wondering how he got there.

Doctors answered his question, telling him how lucky he was to be alive.

Radcliffe Bostic chose to hide his face while showing the covered injuries about his body.
Radcliffe Bostic chose to hide his face while showing the covered injuries about his body.

The 46-year-old Bostic had lost control of the truck he was driving, and it went over a bridge before falling 19 feet into a gully.

He suffered a collapsed right lung, three broken ribs and a damaged blood vessel in the right eye.

Around 1 p.m. today, Bostic’s neighbours at Upper Station Hill, St Michael were amazed to see him walking tall and greeting them.

He had just been released from hospital, and Barbados TODAY was among the first he spoke with, telling the team he was convinced that the hands of God had save him, “because that wasn’t no easy fall”.

The truck Radcliffe Bostic was driving in the gully in which it fell.
The truck Radcliffe Bostic was driving in the gully in which it fell.

“You know the reason I still here? God ain’t ready for me yet. If God was ready for me, you would be watching me in a box. Everybody telling me I lucky to be alive,” he said.

Bostic explained that his planned evening of enjoyment turned tragic when it began to rain and his truck slid on the wet road as he turned a corner. His instinctive response was to apply the brakes, but the vehicle did not stop, he recalled.

“I panicked. It went which part it did gine. When I catch myself I was in the hospital with a collar around my neck. I like I blank out because I can’t remember the truck going over the bridge.

“I hear I was in the truck sitting down after it fall and my friends who was in the car in front of me thought I was dead.

“But them find out that my heart was still beating and a Rastaman from in the area tell them to get me from in that gully fast because the rain falling and down in there does flood,” Bostic said.

Now thanking his lucky stars following his close brush with death, the survivor suggested to Barbados TODAY that everyone involved in saving his life was a guardian angel from heaven. However, he reserved his most heartfelt thanks to the unidentified Rastafarian who he hopes to meet some day. “I got to thank everybody that come to my rescue, but I hear the rain was falling and that Rastaman tell them get me out of that gully quick, boy,” a still sore Bostic said.

A freighter, car washer and carpenter, Bostic said his life flashed before his eyes as he lay in his hospital bed, reflecting on the accident which could so easily have killed him.

He has now promised to read the Bible more frequently. He is also thinking of giving up driving because Sunday’s accident was not his first.

“And if I do drive, it got to be my own vehicle because I ain’t got no luck driving nobody else own. If I do drive, it got to be my own vehicle.

“Check it. In 2005 when I get my licence, I get into two accidents, and none of the vehicles – all two get write off – did belong to me. But this one nearly cost me my life and I ain’t think I going no further,” Bostic told Barbados TODAY.

This, however, is for the future. Right now, Bostic said, he would simply take his doctors’ advice to rest and recuperate.

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  1. Patricia White June 30, 2016 at 7:09 pm

    Not only read the bible. Give your life to Jesus.


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