Singing the blues

Grant upset about being jailed during Crop Over festival

A street character who asked a Bridgetown magistrate to grant him personal bail was remanded to HMP Dodds instead.

Not only did Wayde Grant appear in the dock in dirty clothes, but littered the courtroom with expletives as he left.

Grant, 43, of no fixed address, appeared on a charge of damaging a glass panel belonging to Chefette Restaurants on June 27.

When Magistrate Douglas Frederick asked him to plead to the accusation, Grant replied: “Sir, I tell the people I ain’t brek de glass.”

He was asked to plead a second time and pleaded not guilty before asking for personal bail.

Sergeant Theodore McClean objected on the grounds that Grant had no fixed place of address and appeared to need intervention, based on what he was saying.

When the accused heard that he was being remanded, he responded by saying, “I does plead guilty in front uh you all the time, Fredericks. If it is a big t’ing or a small t’ing,  I want bail. This is the festival season and I want bail or I want to go to the mental [hospital].

“You are remanded until July 26,” the magistrate replied.

“Dah is unfair. I write a good song and can’ get tuh sing it. This is the second Crop Over I gine jail. Wunna real **** unfair,” Grant added before being escorted from the courtroom, cursing all the way.

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