Prescod makes political comeback

Saying he had been to the proverbial “valley of the shadow of death” and back, Opposition Member of Parliament for St Michael East Trevor Prescod today returned to Parliament, declaring that he was very much alive and ready to pick up his political career from where he left it, after being sidelined over the past few months by serious illness.

“I’m back on my duties trying to do my best to continue to serve the people of St Michael East; that is my main priority, so they can feel confident that their representative is still very much here in the real world,” Prescod told Barbados TODAY after descending the steps of Parliament during the luncheon interval.

However, admittedly, the past two months in particular had been very trying for the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) representative, who had been missing from the national spotlight, except for two very brief appearances last month when his support was required by the Mia Mottley-led Opposition.

The first came in the wee hours of May 13, when a slender and frail-looking Prescod, wearing white, briefly appeared in the Lower Chamber of Parliament way past midnight to support a BLP-sponsored vote of no confidence in the Government. Despite his courageous move and with all BLP members in their places, that motion would still fail with by a vote of 16-12.

However, a week later, the ailing Prescod would again join Mottley and hundreds of Opposition supporters, in a strong show of loyalty, for the so-called “march for justice” from Parliament to Bay Street, St Michael before resuming his doctor-ordered recuperation.

“That time I was right in the valley [of the shadow of death], experiencing a lot of difficulties and had just had an operation. But I believe I have gone through a healing process over the past ten weeks or so and to some extent I feel much better than I felt two months or so ago,” said Prescod, without going into the nature of his illness, even though he acknowledged it had triggered rumours of his demise.

“There were many predictions during that period,” said Prescod, who appeared much fitter for duty today as he carried a broad smile. “In fact, I even received calls from people asking me if I’m dead,” he told Barbados TODAY.

During his recent period of illness, there were also reports of heightened political activity in the sub-urban riding with former tourism consultant Rudy Grant identified as a possible BLP successor for the ailing Prescod. At least two prospective candidates were also named for the ruling Democratic Labour Party. They are former radio moderator and actuarial scientist Walter Blackman and Nicholas Alleyne, who is currently employed with the Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union.

However, while assuring, “I am doing alright”, Prescod indicated he was fully back on the job.

“There is a lot of work ahead [and] I guarantee that you will hear a lot more from me in the days ahead”.

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