More security checks at District ‘A’

Authorities are beefing up security on the precincts of the District “A” Magistrates’ Court on Coleridge Street, The City. The move comes after Shaquille Rachid Greenidge, 21, of Tudor Street, The City, was arrested and charged for allegedly attempting to enter the court with a loaded gun on June 18.

He is currently on remand at HMP Dodds until July 15.

When Barbados TODAY visited the court on Monday, Government security officials were conducting searches at the front gate.

As part of stepped up security measures, they also had the “case list” in hand, ticking off the names of persons with matters before the court. The list shows the names of persons appearing in court, the magistrate they are appearing before and their charges.

There are three courtrooms on the precinct — two criminal courts and a traffic court.

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