Two men admit to stealing windows

Two men today entered the dock together charged with the same offence. However, one left the District ‘A’ Magistrate’s Court in the prison van while the other went home.

Bernard St Elmo Simmons, 51, of Spruce Street, The City, was jointly charged with Allan Decurtis Junior Crichlow, 38, of South District St George, for allegedly stealing two sash windows worth $400 belonging to Fatima Nana on June 23.

Both self-employed men pleaded guilty before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant. Simmons, who has over 40 convictions, was sentenced to eight months in jail. Crichlow, his accomplice, received the same sentence but it was suspended for one year.

Prosecuting the matter, Sergeant Neville Reid told the court that Nana, the complainant, owns a house on Belmont Road, St Michael. On the date in question, two constables, who were patrolling The City area, received a report of two men stealing windows from a house.

When they responded, the thieves had already left the premises. The officers then combed the surrounding area and saw Simmons and Crichlow along Taylors Gap, each man carrying a sash window in one hand.

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