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Christ Church resident complains about unsightly mess outside home

A Briar Hall, Christ Church resident was hopping mad Friday afternoon after she returned home from a doctor’s appointment to be greeted by loads of garbage in front of her home.

It was around 2:10 p.m. when Stephanie Clarke and her daughter Sabrina Hannaway arrived home, after Clarke, who suffered injury in an accident five years ago, attended occupational therapy.

Stephanie Clarke standing beside the piles of garbage dumped in front her home.
Stephanie Clarke standing beside the piles of garbage dumped in front her home.

However, they were greeted by an awful stench emanating from bags of refuse that were stacked up against her gate.

While expressing her frustration, she revealed that it was not the first such incident and that she had been the victim of illegal dumping in and around her property since last year.

Last Wednesday, she said a public health inspector from Ministry of Health visited her home of over 35 years asking questions about several bags of rubbish, which are now building up on the hill just beyond her backyard.

She said she told him that while some of the garbage was hers, she was not responsible for all the piles of rubbish, but suspected it was thrown over her fence, as had happened before.

Clarke said the inspector had promised to have the garbage removed the following day, but that promise was not kept.

More bags of refuse which were thrown over her fence.
More bags of refuse which were thrown over her fence.

The Christ Church resident, who telephoned Barbados TODAY earlier today to highlight her plight, said she had also called the head office of the ministry at Culloden Road, St Michael yesterday but to no avail.

Instead of assistance, she said her inquiry was met with sour attitudes and she was made to feel as though she was “mashing somebody’s corns”.

Today, as a pile of over five Pinnacle Feeds bags of rubbish sat in front her home just beneath her bedroom window, Clarke reported that she has also called the Ministry of Health in the hope of having the bags immediately cleared away.

However, she said she was again given the cold shoulder, this time by an officer in charge, who she identified by name.

She told Barbados TODAY that instead of assisting in the removal of the garbage, the officer suggested that she should throw some kerosene oil on the unsightly pile.

However, Clarke rejected that advice, saying it would only cause health problems for her and her ten-year-old grandson.

She also suggested that she knew who was responsible for the dumping, while saying that her next step would be to take the matter to court.

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