Homeless man appeals for help

Fifty-five year-old Philip Davidson of Bank Hall Main Road, St Michael is now homeless after the former owner of the property reportedly tore off the windows and the doors of the hovel he occupied for the past 13 years with his sister Juliette Davidson.

A concerned resident of the area, Desmond Haynes, told a team from Barbados TODAY that since the landlord removed the windows and doors from the house early Wednesday morning, Davidson has slept on the step for the past two nights.

Homeless man Philip Davidson is appealing to the authorities for help after he was evicted from this derelict house.
Homeless man Philip Davidson is appealing to the authorities for help after he was evicted from this derelict house.

Voicing concern over his neighbour’s plight, Haynes said: “I would like the parliamentary representative for the area, Steve Blackett, to come and offer some assistance to Davidson. He should relocate him some place where he can get a comfortable night’s rest because this is not good. I came to Bank Hall four or five years ago and met him and he seems to be a good man. He has a disability and he cannot work. He needs assistance.”

Davidson, who has a physical disability and underwent a surgical procedure on his head, has some difficulty maintaining his balance when he stands. He told Barbados TODAY that he has not eaten any food over the past nine days.

Philip Davidson
Philip Davidson

Asked if he sought any assistance from the Welfare Department since he has been exposed to the elements, Davidson said he had taken correspondence from the landlord to that department, but claimed that officers said they could not understand what was written in the letter.

Davidson told Barbados TODAY that he had also brought his plight to the attention of Blackett but so far no assistance has been forthcoming.

However, when contacted tonight Blackett, who is the parliamentary representative for St Michael Central, said he was aware of the situation and promised to have Davidson accommodated as early as Monday at the Clyde Gollop Centre on Hindsbury Road, St Michael.

Giving the background to the case, Blackett told Barbados TODAY that the house and land were originally owned by a Colin Redman who subsequently sold the property.

According to Blackett, when the property was owned by Redman he allowed Davidson to occupy the house as a caretaker but the new owner wants possession of his property.


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  1. Alex Alleyne June 25, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    A homeless shelter in right down the street on hindsbury road.


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