Fire damages Coverley home

A Christ Church businesswoman is giving thanks that she did suffer total loss from Tuesday morning’s fire which affected her two-storey home at Coverley, Christ Church.

The blaze of unknown origin caused damage to the top floor of the unfinished wall structure, which is owned by Peggy Scott, who has acknowledged that the outcome could have been a lot worse.

Peggy Scott
Peggy Scott

Scott told Barbados TODAY she was on the bottom floor of her house just after 10 a.m. when neighbours alerted her to the fire, which destroyed some of her personal belongings.

“My neighbour is who come out and tell me upstairs on fire, but . . . when I got up there with the hose, the black smoke was already coming down. The stairs was black, I couldn’t see anything,” Scott said.

The owner of a party rental business said the property was insured, adding that she was relieved that none of her equipment stored in the garage was damaged.

“Oh yes they were saved. It could have been worse. The only thing for the business damaged was a couple new banners that I bought for the jumping tents,” she said.

Fire officials are trying to determine what caused the fire.

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