A Junior battle royal come July 2

It will be a battle royal for a spot in the finals of the 13-18 category when the Junior Monarch Semi-Finals come off on July 2. The fun part concluded last night at Combermere School with the second staging of their two tents.

The older in the Junior competition presented competition-ready material last night, whetting the appetite of the social commentary lovers, and giving them a taste of what is to come.

Raheem, testing his lyrics and dance moves on the public one last time before judging night, left the crowd in an uproar with his witty commentary.

Raheem is  a huge hit with  the audience.
Raheem is a huge hit with the audience.

Quinn Prescott, improved tremendously from her last week’s performance, was also a hit with the audience.

Confetti appeared much more comfortable onstage this time around, and with the encouragement of her many supporters in the crowd, she delivered a great performance. Reigning monarch in the eight-12 category, Dynamo, was “dynamic”, impressing with his offering of Nice And Slow. His first year in the 13-18 category, he showed he is good enough to be up there with the best of them.

Ranaan Hackett, a former monarch, and also in the 13-18 for the first time, was very good too in his rendition of Pick It Up.

Ranaan delivering  his song Pick It Up.
Ranaan delivering his song Pick It Up.

De Overcomer seemed to have made many notes on last week’s performance, working hard at correcting his errors, because he came back a different lad, owning the stage.

Sparkle T was also impressive with her song Happy Birthday.

Sparkle T is wishing Barbados a Happy Birthday.
Sparkle T is wishing Barbados a Happy Birthday.

Sadly, no encores were allowed on the night, although in some instances the crowd begged for them.

The eight-12 category will be equally as competitive with many bright sparks and all tremendously talented.

Star Diamond continues to be a favourite with the crowd in her delivery of Calypso Queen.

Browne Star was among those who improved his performance from the first week; and the audience loved it.

Sarai and Sanche were also among those who performed creditably and should do well come next weekend’s semi-finals.

Overall many of the juniors shone brightly, and, quite justifiably, might be thinking a spot in the July 23 finals is theirs. Only time will tell who will be the new king or queen in the various categories.

Since Ah-Dee-Lah, the reigning 13-18 monarch and Dynamo have both aged out of their former categories, a new monarch will be crowned in both age groups.


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