Mother’s horror

Edward ‘hurting’ as she prepares to bury daughter

The last time Antoinette Edward-Ward spoke with her mother Marion Edward, she asked Marion to get her some spinach from the backyard and promised they would talk again later.

That was last Saturday morning, June 11. Hours later Antoinette was dead after being involved in a traffic accident one day earlier.

“She tell me, ‘mummy you believe that he [driver of the other vehicle] hit me and nothing ain’t do him?’ She tell me she feeling alright but a little tired and that she will hear me later,” Edward recounted to Barbados TODAY this afternoon.

Antoinette, a branch manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken at Fairchild Street, The City, was driving along Graeme Hall, Christ Church, on the way to her St Philip home from work just after 1 a.m. on Friday June 10, when her van was involved in an accident with another vehicle. It was suggested that the driver had fallen asleep.

Family members said the 43-year-old was treated by a private doctor the same day, given medication and released.

Hours later, she reportedly fainted while reporting the accident at an insurance company and the same doctor suggested she get something to eat.

However, she collapsed again on Saturday morning while at home, and was rushed by ambulance to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) where she was pronounced dead.

Today, as the 67-year-old Marion prepared to bury her daughter, she could not help but recall the irony in a conversation they had two days earlier about death and the funeral of Antoinette’s ex-husband’s mother, who was buried on Wednesday, June 8.

Antoinette Edward-Ward’s mother Marion (right), sister Keisha and niece Keshana looking at a picture of their loved one.
Antoinette Edward-Ward’s mother Marion (right), sister Keisha and niece Keshana looking at a picture of their loved one.

Her ex-husband had read the eulogy and she insisted to her mother, “when she die don’t let her ex-husband read the eulogy, because he read his mother’s own too long, and she don’t want no long talk at hers.

“I tell she, ‘you always talking about death’. Then she tell another friend that when she die don’t spend over 20,000 dollars. She didn’t get in no accident yet,” her mother recalled.

Despite her display of emotional strength, there was no doubt Marion was hurting as she wondered whether her daughter would have been alive today had she gone for further medical checks.

“The doctor gave her an injection. But if she did near me I would have made sure I carry she to the hospital, even if I did carry she to FMH.

A picture of Antoinette Edward-Ward when she started working at KFC years ago.
A picture of Antoinette Edward-Ward when she started working at KFC years ago.

“I would get behind she, I would have even called the ambulance. This is so hard, it just hurting me,” the mother said, shaking her head in disbelief, as she sat in the living room of her Halls Road, St Michael home.

Antoinette’s sister Keisha also recalled the conversation she had with her sister on Friday.

Although Antoinette said she was not feeling well, they never anticipated the worse.

“She tell me her neck and back [were] hurting. She thought she was okay, but she wasn’t okay. After nine the Saturday morning I tried calling her, but I wasn’t getting her, so I guess that is when everything was happening. Then I get the call to go to the hospital,” Keisha said.

“I don’t know what I will do without my sister. I miss her so much. I could talk to her about anything . . . Now I have to fix up her wig to bury she in,” the 27-year-old Keisha added.

Keisha said she had admired Antoinette’s ambitious approach towards life, pointing out that her sister had owned two houses before the age of 40 and was also the proprietor of a shop in Six Road’s, St Philip.

She told Barbados TODAY her sister had plans for Crop Over and was set to go to Fore Day Morning and a Father’s Day picnic this Sunday with friends.

Instead, the family is planning her funeral service, scheduled to be held on June 28 at the People’s Cathedral Church on Collymore Rock, St Michael where Antoinette was baptized and married.

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