NCC verdict soon

Retrenched employees of the state-owned National Conservation Commission (NCC) will know their final fate by month end, more than two years after they were severed by the state agency.

Chairman of the Employment Rights Tribunal Hal Gollop, QC, told Barbados TODAY this afternoon he would deliver his verdict in the cases of the 186 dismissed NCC workers brought by both the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) and the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) by the end of this month.

The workers, who were sent home as part of Government’s cost-cutting programme, have asked the Tribunal to rule that their dismissal was unfair.

The case brought by the NUPW ended in April but Gollop announced that he would reserve judgment until after the BWU’s case was heard, arguing both cases were similar in nature.

It was a decision that did not go down well with the NUPW, with President Akanni McDowall describing the tribunal as “a pappy show” and Acting Deputy General Secretary Wayne Walrond saying the decision had added insult to the injury suffered by the former employees.

The hearing on behalf of the BWU members concluded on May 12. During that case, NCC General Manager Keith Neblett admitted that severance was still owed to terminated workers.

He explained that the payments were being withheld because the case was before the tribunal, however, the terminated employees had received pay in lieu of notice and holiday pay.

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  1. Sheldine Dyall
    Sheldine Dyall June 15, 2016 at 6:06 am

    Long overdue.

  2. Sheldine Dyall
    Sheldine Dyall June 15, 2016 at 6:08 am

    People get layoff and everyday some getting employed in government departments. Bad government.

  3. dave June 15, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    This DLP Government is the worst. No third Term. Donville Inniss to be Leader of the Opposition. Donville to be Prime Minister NOW and lead DLP into Election or DLP will lose many many many seats. They can salvage a few seats if Donville seizes the Prime Ministership NOW . It is easy Donville . Make a pact with Mia. Get the the support of the majority of Parliamentarians –Go to the G. General NOW !!! Donville – yuh intelligent Man You !!!

    This is Politics ; it goes around and and it comes around. Parties win elections ; Parties lose elections. Position is the art of Gunnery. Position yourself Donville. You are the only man with Vision, Courage , tenacity in the DLP to be Leader . There is no other who can challenge you Donville. I would be very disappointed if you Donville Inniss do not make your play Now. Now is the Time Donville. Donville , you are a realist. You are the only one speaking truth and tackling issues and you know what –you are RIGHT about everything-EVERYTIME-Keep up the good work.

  4. dave June 15, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    Donville ! You even look the part ,and that’s half the job –you look like a Prime Minister. And you talk the talk of Prime Minister and I believe you can walk the walk of a Prime Minister. Seize it now !! -politically !!!


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