Where does the interest truly lie?

Are people really interested in what is going on around them? When read the Auditor General’s last report, and see the Government owes itself several billions of dollars, I know it is something which will slowly be allowed to slide back under the carpet. I am amazed.

Now, I thought about it. Between the “restoration” of MPs’ salaries and moneys owing, I can understand why I have not received my income tax return for 2014 yet! Is anyone concerned about the interest which the Government is supposed to pay on outstanding funds owed to people –– just like when we owe? I hear one has to apply for it by letter.

Well, I sent in a letter of application over a year ago for my interest on 2013. Nothing happened. There was not even a response.

Is there any attention to the implementation of certain laws in this country? What about instructions from the Town Planner? Certain people seem to get away blatantly, and others get their little “shanty” or brick wall torn down.

Who is interested in the many individuals –– children and adults alike –– who have to leave home at odd times to go to the hospital to be nebulized? Why? Smoke morning noon and night. Recently, I had to call the police.

I must say thanks to the Honourable Donville Inniss, who as Minister of Health, made strides towards the cessation of indiscriminate burning. Despite his efforts, and those of CABS (Citizens Against Burning Stuff) that matter has gone further back on the burner. The Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) had put out an educational documentary, but it was probably shown once.

Does someone else have to die from smoke? This is 2016 and, regardless of inappropriate traditions, we can’t talk about green this and that, and environmental this and that, and have people burning stuff every morning right next to their neighbour with total disregard. So in whose interest is it when we get the run-around from police to Fire Service to health inspectors and back to police, and nobody is taking responsibility for enacting the laws of this country related to persons being a public nuisance?

Is there interest in the issuing of licences in this country? Why is there not a special test done for persons over 70 years, who might just get a certificate of good health but can’t hear well; can’t see well; whose reflexes are so slow, an approaching bike looks far away? Then they swing; then the biker is dead?

My interest here is in the welfare of both the driver and the other person with whom he/she must interact on the road. Some interest must be paid in correcting this.

Speaking of licences, what about the older folk who get their firearm licences renewed and can barely take the gun out of the bag, hands trembling? They can barely stand, and the voice is shaky. Safety is of interest to me: the safety of that person as well as those who will be around him/her.

Within the last few years, many persons have discovered they are gluten-intolerant or have been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Who is interested? Those persons cannot use flour, wheat, barley, rye or spelt. That means no fried stuff, no biscuits, no bread, no pie, no beers, and so on. The people with this unfortunate condition now have to seek other forms of food.

Those who impose the taxes on these items which have to be imported need to be interested enough to understand that such alternatives are already very expensive. The acquisition of such items can mean the difference between life and suffering!

So, I am clamouring for reduced or VAT-free taxes on items related to gluten avoidance. More interest should be paid to this area, and suppliers of foods at various events need to include items which can be used by persons with coeliac disease –– and indeed there are many.

Are some radio station DJs interested in the welfare of persons who attempt to contribute to the musical arena in this country? There is one in particular who should ply his trade in the open seas, based on the name he chooses to use.

For years he has been interested only in himself, claiming to be an expert on every kind of music, in particular calypso, which he had very little interest in years ago. If he would only pay some interest in upgrading his knowledge and use of the English language, read the news better and pronouncing people’s names correctly, he would be in a better to position to openly criticize others’ work in a public forum.

When that musical criticism wreaks its initial havoc, others jump on his bandwagon, agree and then that particular song is dead. Musicians who spend time, money and energy on a project, writers and producers who make a valid contribution to the arena are totally discouraged when they are told a piece of work is “crap”, but the person who says so will still play offerings of a far inferior quality.

What is his major focus or interest?

Finally, has BAPPSS replied yet to the minister –– that body of principals whom the minister has said should be locked up for doing their job as set out in the act? If they were really interested in calling a spade a spade, we would have had a huge response.

I suppose in their own interest they have to keep quiet and “toe the line”. I observe with interest.

(Wayne Willock is a retired acting principal of a secondary school.)

3 Responses to Where does the interest truly lie?

  1. jrsmith June 14, 2016 at 10:01 am

    Blame our people for being lazy and wanting everything free which was promised by the politicians stealing they votes…and politicians for being fraudulently corrupt…

  2. Johnathan June 14, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    Why can’t you call Admiral’s name? Freundel will soon with his condescending demeanor and talk down this very intelligent and educational article and they will listen to him. The reason we are failing is purely because we are blind and politically ignorant by partisanship. The reason why none of them have addressed it is simply because they think it stay in the public domain too long and bajans will forget if they don’t.

  3. Bobo June 14, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    ref to Johnathan –Stay in the public domain too long Bajans will forget –my dear man since independence Bajans are educated to depend of politicians similar to the days of communism– politicians enjoying the fruits of the country and their subjects enjoying the rules of the politicians. At least Communist countries made sure and gave their subjects the best education, every penny they earn politicians enjoyed the majority.


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