Police looking into Brittons Hill and other shootings

Police are investigating a shooting at Valery, Brittons Hill, St Michael friday morning that resulted in the death of  Kadeem Joseph.

Joseph, 25, of 2nd Avenue Grazettes, St Michael, was found dead around 4 a.m., at the Rear of the Brittons Hill, Resource Centre.

When Barbados TODAY visited the Brittons Hill community yesterday, the majority of residents were tightlipped about the incident.

However, one woman said the she was awaken by gunshots, adding that when she rushed outside, she saw the victim lying on the ground groaning before he eventually passed away.

“I was sleeping, but I don’t sleep deep, so I hear the shots. After it finish and I come outside to see what happen. I see he there on the ground. He didn’t move. He was just groaning and then he dead,” the female resident explained.

Meanwhile, police say investigations are continuing into the shooting death of 23-year-old Rico Reid who was shot and killed while waiting to board the Jolly Roger on Wednesday night.

Rico Reid
Rico Reid

Lawmen are also probing a shooting incident at Forde’s Road, Christ Church, which occurred around 5.35 p.m. yesterday.

The victim  – 40-year-old Shawn Lorde of Brittons Hill – was shot in his right leg.

Lorde and other persons were sitting under a tree when an unknown assailant fired several rounds. Lorde was injured and was transported to the state-run Queen Elizabeth Hospital. His injury is said to be not life-threatening.

2 Responses to Police looking into Brittons Hill and other shootings

  1. jrsmith June 11, 2016 at 7:15 am

    Monkey see monkey do, black people in Barbados and the region so much want to behave as like the hood and ghetto people in the US, we got it now its to be dealt with ..you have the guns the problems what you do with them…

  2. J. Payne June 11, 2016 at 10:38 am

    Given enough time, them youths will thin themselves out because they seem not to know any better.


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