Venezuelan envoy departs

Venezuelan ambassador Jose Gomez Febres left Barbados on Wednesday, ending his five-year tour of duty here.

During a farewell call on Prime Minister Freundel Stuart last Monday, the outgoing envoy said he would never forget the island or its people.

In fact, he acknowledged that Barbados was both his first and last diplomatic posting, as he quipped about learning diplomacy here.

The Caracas representative expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister and his Government and told Stuart he respected him and valued his leadership over the past five years.

He also presented the Prime Minister with a CD and photographs of plaques installed in classrooms at the Venezuelan Embassy in Barbados earlier this year to commemorate the bicentenary of the 1816 Rebellion. The classrooms were dedicated to the memory of the Right Excellent Bussa, National Hero of Barbados, and Nanny Grigg, both leaders of the rebellion.

Stuart thanked the ambassador for his kind sentiments and told him that he had enjoyed their interactions, amidst challenging times for both Barbados and Venezuela which the Prime Minister said demonstrated the “resourceful and of very strong character” of the people of both countries. Stuart also expressed confidence that both countries would get through the difficult times.

The two countries have enjoyed diplomatic relations since 1969.

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