Mascoll charged with loitering

courtA 38-year-old unemployed St Michael man was yesterday placed on a bond for two months by the District “A” Magistrates’ Court after he appeared on a charge of loitering.

Marston Owen Mascoll, of Ashby Alley, Nelson Street, the City, was arrested and charged yesterday for loitering in a public place, namely Probyn Street, “where there was cause to suspect that he was about to commit an offence: theft”.

The police prosecutor revealed to presiding Magistrate Douglas Frederick that lawmen on patrol heard noise coming from stalls in the area and went to investigate.

The accused was seen exiting an abandoned stall and when asked to account for being there, he said: “I just getting a piece of wood. The Government dismantling them.”

Mascoll told the court today: “Everybody always out there . . . That is some place that they are breaking down, so I just take a piece of wood. I was going to build a little bench for the lady.”

However, Frederick pointed out to the accused that although the structure was being taken down, the materials were not his. “You can’t just take people things,” the magistrate said.

He went on: “You are known to the court and you are unemployed . . . so basically you are a louse. What do you do with a louse? Put [him] on a two months bond.

“If you breach it, you will have to pay . . . [money] that you don’t have because you use all your money on dope. That is what the information says about you. You are a drug addict.”

If Mascoll breaches the bond, he will be required to pay the court $300 forthwith or serve one month behind bars at HMP Dodds.

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