GUYANA – Man beats partner with a paddle

GEORGETOWN –– With the number of women murdered by their partners standing at 11 for the year thus far, at least one mother is holding out that she will not be the twelfth person, and has decided to do all it takes to protect herself from her lover.

Genene Solomon of Morawhanna, Region One, alleges that last Sunday she was brutally beaten by her baby son’s father –– a Venezuelan working here. The man, she claims, also threatened to shoot her and “wipe out” her entire family. She said when her mother intervened, the man slapped the elderly woman and choked her.

The marks on Genene Solomon’s body.
The marks on Genene Solomon’s body.

The 26-year-old woman says that all this happened because she went out with some friends to have a few drinks on her birthday.

The woman and the man, said to be in his forties, have been together for the past three years but are living separately in the same village. They have a child together.

In an interview Thursday, the woman said that the man beat her, dragged her down his steps, banged her head into a wall and then beat her with a paddle.

“It was my birthday on Sunday and I took my son by him [partner] to spend some time and I saw a friend, and we end up going at the shop to hang out. When we finish there, I went to get my son by him but he didn’t want to give me the lil boy. I told him that if the child wake up and don’t see me he will cry,” the woman explained.

She said that they argued and then he started hitting her on her head. “He started hitting me and slapping me, and then he hold my hair and banged my head against the wall. He dragged me down the steps and beat me with the paddle.”

She said that when her mother intervened, the man slapped and choked the woman.

“When my brother saw he was choking our mother, he run and the two of them started to fight.”

According to Solomon, when she reported the matter to the police, her brother was locked up instead of her partner.

“The police and this man are friends, and because he has money, he gets to do what he wants. He beat me a lot of times but the police don’t do anything about it,” she alleged.

Calls to the divisional commander, Ravindradat Budhram Thursday went unanswered.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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