Govt to extend TASI project

Government is to extend its experimental programme of combining the services of the Barbados Transport Board and private operators of public service vehicles (PSVs) on some routes.

Director of Transport in the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW) Alex Linton said new routes would also be added to the Transport Authority Service Integration (TASI) project.

Linton told Barbados TODAY the pilot project would be extended by another 90 days, followed closely by the addition of some new routes, and that PSV operators had already been informed about some of the next steps.

“The fact is that we are extending the project by a further three months,” Linton said, adding that “a better update of the TASI project” would be provided following an evaluation of the pilot.

The TASI project, which was launched in December 2015 on the Edey Village, Christ Church route and later on the Sturges, St Thomas route, is aimed at introducing the concept of transportation service integration to Barbados.

It was designed primarily to reduce the inconveniences associated with the Transport Board bus schedules.

However, since the implementation of the project, which was to run for an initial six months, issues of reliability have been raised in relation to the Sturges route.

Without going into details, Linton said those concerns were being addressed.

“In regards to Sturges we are working with the operators to see how can we make it better and improve it because at the end of the day even though the residents of Sturges voiced those concerns they did indicate a need and a desire to be a part of the project because they can see the overarching benefits of the bringing together of the resources to provide a better service for the commuters in the area,” Linton said.

He reported that service on the Edey Village route was going well and that the ministry was looking to add Martin’s Bay to the programme.

“But on the same token we are working on the extension and then hopefully future expansion but that will be based obviously upon Cabinet, the board of directors and the minister’s discretion and decision,” the Government official told Barbados TODAY.

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