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Twenty-one to be inducted into Hall of Fame

Twenty-one former players and administrators will be the first inductees into the Barbados Hockey Federation’s Hall of Fame, says federation president Mark St Hill.

“Hockey in Barbados has grown from strength to strength over the decades and these first inductees played an integral role in laying the solid foundation for which we are now responsible for taking the sport to the next level,” St Hill said as he made the announcement.

Barbadian hockey legend Colonel Deighton Maynard among those to be inducted.
Barbadian hockey legend Colonel Deighton Maynard among those to be inducted.

He said the inductees’ contributions were varied, ranging from on the field excellence to administration, and in many cases, a combination of both.

“We are pleased to acknowledge and celebrate their significant contributions to the development of field hockey in Barbados,” he said.

“It is not by coincidence that twenty-one persons have been selected. The number twenty-one is representative of coming of age and we again find ourselves at the cross roads for a new push in managing and growing the sport in Barbados,” St Hill added.

He said the financial and operational demands of the international and local programmes, the management of facilities especially the installation of the new Astroturf, youth development and finding creative ways of attracting international teams to our shores, remained high on the agenda of the Board.

“[What] is now required [is] not only a different way to how we manage the sport, but leveraging on the intense bond and community spirit which the game engendered in the early days and which grew to its highest levels of intensity in the 80s and 90s.

“Today we recognize and celebrate these persons who should all inspire the hockey family to come together and play an integral role in moving the sport forward. Our biggest disappointment is not being able to celebrate some of these inductees who have now passed on. We hope this small gesture will be comforting to their families as we assure them that their toil and selflessness have not gone unnoticed,” St Hill said.

Following this initial large induction, the hockey federation will induct four persons –– two men and two women –– annually into its Hall of Fame. The inductions will be the result of nominations from the federation’s membership whether individual or club.

The hockey federation also plans to host a number of events to celebrate the lives and contributions of the first set of inductees. The first event will be an unveiling of a plaque at the Wildey, St Michael Astroturf commemorating the first inductees and providing a short history of the sport.

The full list of inductees:

Males –– Jack Adams (deceased); John Bradley; Tony Cozier (deceased); Winsmore Humphrey; Winston Kelly; Ricky Mapp; Deighton Maynard; Tony Moore; Mike Owen (deceased); Basil Ward (deceased); Robert Williams.

Females –– Mab Armstrong (deceased); Marlene Jones; Barbara Thorpe-Griffith Grace Davis;  Mavis Rose; Jillian Cozier; Ruth Cherubin; Janet Husbands-Thorpe; Myrna Squires (deceased); Barbara  Bryan.

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  1. FDH June 10, 2016 at 5:55 am

    I seem to recall a Charlie King who may have contributed greatly and played at a very high level. Does he not qualify?


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