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Last year, he knew exactly how the ladies liked it, and left them with a Sugar Rush. This year, “The Kid” is Bam Bam Back!

Staying true to form, Hypasounds officially began his season with an interview with Bajan Vibes, bringing everyone up to speed on his plans for the season. However, first he reflected on his 2015 whirlwind of a year.

Hypasounds on stage.
Hypasounds on stage.

“2015 was an overwhelming year. Had great success that has taken me into 2016 on a higher scale. Everything hit me like a storm. To know how the songs were produced and the love that came from them! I knew it would happen, but not so soon,” Hypasounds said.

He admitted life had changed tremendously for him, and he was loving every minute of it.

“I’m much busier now. I’m doing a lot of travelling, less rest; but I’m coping with it. This is what I wanted. I have been to Virgin Islands, UK, USA, Bahamas, Trinidad –– just to name a few,” he said, adding that he loved getting to visit new places.

Hypasounds said that seeing for 2016 the response and love to How She Like It, he decided to do a follow-up with Bam Bam Back.

A scene from Hypasounds’ music video How She Like It.
A scene from Hypasounds’ music video How She Like It.

“I wanted to do something for the ladies again; so I decided on this one. This one was written and produced by myself,” he revealed.

He said the song was already receiving lots of love from his fans.

“So far the love for it on air is good. I had the chance to perform it Memorial Day, and it was received well. It’s starting to play overseas as well. Just have to put the right promotion behind it and keep it going,” he added.

However, while the Party Monarch song is doing well, Hypasounds said that at this stage he was still unsure if he would be bringing a Sweet Soca tune for the season.

He promises, however, that everyone can expect great things from him for the season.

“For 2016 you can expect energy. I’ve grown a lot to the stage now; so the shyness is gone. You can look for high energy, and I will be trying to deliver just how the fans want it,” he declared.

Hypasounds also thanked fans for their continued support, adding that the fan base had grown “tremendously” and he was nothing but honoured.

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