Threatening words land Lavine behind bars

courtMaurice Hugh Lavine was remanded to HMP Dodds after he denied unlawfully assaulting Atteriea Yearwood and using threatening words towards her earlier yesterday.

Lavine, 52, resides at Bottom Flat, Apt 1, Haggatt Hall, St Michael.

The police prosecutor, Sergeant Robert Jones, objected to bail for the self-employed welder. He submitted that there was need to protect the virtual complainant with whom Lavine had been living since 2012.

“There needs to be a cooling off period for the accused . . . [as] the accused is also known to the courts,” the prosecutor argued.

According to the facts presented in court, Lavine threatened Yearwood saying, “I going to kill you.”

“This is very serious,” Magistrate Graveney Bannister charged, “especially in this current climate”.

However, the accused maintained throughout his time in the dock that he did not threaten the complainant at any time.

“I am concerned for her safety,” the magistrate said, agreeing with the prosecutor that that a cooling off period was needed.

It was then that Lavine began to really plead his case.

“As John 3:16 . . . I swear to God . . . I did not . . . and I would not threaten her,” he said as he proceeded to explain what had occurred.

Realizing that his pleas were falling on deaf ears, he went on to issue a tearful plea.

“Please give me a chance Sir, I will not trouble her Sir.”

However the magistrate was not moved. Bannister said: “Allegations are precursors to the action. Remanded into custody until July 5th!”

Lavine will next appear in the District “A” No. 1 Magistrates’ Court.

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