Yarde pleads guilty to cocaine possession

COURT TODAY BLOCKA St John man yesterday pleaded guilty to a crime he claimed he did not commit.

Appearing before presiding Magistrate Douglas Frederick, Anthony Yarde, 56, of New Castle, St John argued that a quantity of cocaine found on a table at which he was sitting did not belong to him.

Reading from the fact sheet, the police prosecutor revealed that officers patrolling the Reed Street area, also known as Blue City Block, saw the accused sitting at a table with a transparent plastic bag. A powdered white substance, the prosecutor revealed, was also seen in the bag with a small black bottle next to it.

When Yarde saw the police, he reportedly discarded that items, which were retrieved by lawmen. Asked to account for the items, the accused man allegedly admitted “it was mine [and] I try to get rid of them when I see wunnuh coming.”

That offence occurred around 12:15 this morning.

However, Yarde told the court mere hours later, “that was not mine, but the officers pin it on me”.

Frederick then questioned why he was pleading guilty and whether he wanted to change his plea, to which Yarde said; “no”.

It was then that the magistrate sounded this warning to the other young men who were appearing on different drug charges: “Youngsters in here, do you see how you graduate? You start with marijuana, then you steal, then you graduate to cocaine. . . . [Drugs] are no respecter of persons. He is an intelligent man, but all that is wasted, [all because] you have to use to relax,” he lamented.

Yarde was convicted, reprimanded and discharged for possession, possession with intent to supply and trafficking.

He received a nine months sentence for possession of an “apparatus and intent to use”.

3 Responses to Yarde pleads guilty to cocaine possession

  1. Alex Alleyne June 7, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Drug rehab PLEASE……

  2. BoBoThe Clown June 7, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Mr. Yarde ,at your age you should have been enjoying life with your grands and great grands ,but , instead you’ll be locked up with a bunch of criminals, wishing you had used better judgement .Maybe, just maybe you’ll have enough help and sense by the time you are out to try a more sensible path.
    There is a country and western song called” I HAD CHOICES”
    You my old buddy, had the same choices/options as many of your friends ,but alas, you opted for the choice that would at some point be your waterloo ,and as many before you, and many after will will find , it is good to look at all options before making a foolish choice.

  3. bajanguyster June 7, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    prejudge mental it seem coming from Bo Bo The Clown .if everyone in the world was perfect your views would be difference,your views seem to be helping him and at the same time judging him .my views help him if you can and let the judging be to god


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