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in your interestThe job market, as we know it today, has become increasingly competitive, as the high number of academically qualified persons, all jostle for the limited job opportunities that are around.

Even those who are not academically inclined but are remarkably skilled are also enduring a testing time. This is so as the trend is now to ensure that the skills and competencies of the individual, matches with the accepted standards of the particular area of expertise.

With the changing nature of the requirements for work, it means that there is a pressing need for job seekers to prepare themselves in all possible ways, if they are to be able to compete for work opportunities, and moreover, to make  themselves marketable.

In the past, the emphasis was primarily on academic qualifications, and so the brilliant or so called high flyers were in demand, while the lesser academically inclined, tended to encounter extreme difficulty in accessing quality paying jobs.

With the passage of time, it has been proven that the advancement of those with lesser academic abilities could be enhanced, provided that they were exposed to appropriate teaching methods to facilitate learning and given access to tailored training. The move to test skills and competencies has made a fundamental difference as it relates to providing certification to those who are not academic high flyers.

This certification allows them to satisfy the demands of the job market, where employers are able to attract and recruit the brightest and best in the areas of job expertise.

With this being the case, it is now left to prospective employees to ensure that they are well prepared for the world of work. It would be inconceivable that an opportunity is missed because of the unsuitability of the candidate, based on the fact that the individual fails in being able to impress the employer of his/her readiness for employment.

This brings us to identify with what constitutes a state of readiness. It should be clear that this cannot be limited to academic or other technical qualifications. Since impressions count for something, the state of an individual’s readiness could easily be recognized by undertaking a review of the job application which was submitted. Poor language and poor communication skills certainly will not impress anyone.

Equally so, is the presentation of the applicant at the interview. Dress, deportment, attitude, mannerisms, speech and the display of good manners, are only but a few of the things that are likely to catch the eye of the employer.

It would be folly to ignore these things, as these matter in making a decision on the hiring or rejection of an individual. If as an individual you are hired, it would be unwise to take things for granted and moreover, to come to the conclusion that you have gotten over the hurdle. Nothing can be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact, the biggest hurdle that lies ahead is that of demonstrating by your productivity, you are best fit for the job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there as the employer will be paying close attention to such things as punctuality, work ethic, work etiquette, commitment, cooperation, attitude and aptitude.

It is therefore important that every prospective employee, especially school leavers and those under the age of 35 who have graduated from tertiary institutions, seek to avail themselves of any training which prepares them for the world of world. It is advisable that they expose themselves to training in personal development and self improvement.

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