Hopes dashed

Bail denied after ex-girlfriend raises fears

COURT TODAY BLOCKA St Thomas man, currently on remand for a number of offences, had his hopes for bail dashed yesterday.

Rommel Antonio Laron Daniel, 33, of Airy Lot, was banking on the testimony of virtual complainant Faith Gibbs for his release.

On Wednesday, defence lawyer Andrew Pilgrim, QC, had put forward a case for Daniel to be granted bail on charges that he stole six boxers and seven shirts worth $465 on July 10, 2013; entered Gibbs’ dwelling as a trespasser on November 1, 2015 and inflicted grievous bodily harm with a weapon; and escaped lawful custody without the use of force on December 5, 2015.

Pilgrim had argued that Daniel, who had been on remand for approximately three months, had time “to reflect” on his actions.

“He works as a painter, has four children . . . has sole responsibility for two [children] and his family is struggling to take care of them,” Pilgrim told the court.

However, Magistrate Douglas Frederick, presiding in the District ‘A’ Court, said the success of Daniel’s bail application hinged on Gibbs’ testimony.

However when Gibbs took to the stand yesterday, she said she was still fearful of Daniel. “[He] unfair me, he used to beat me,” she told the court.

When asked whether she and the accused were still in a relationship, she said: “I am in no relationship with him. He made my life a living hell.”

An emotional Gibbs also revealed she was still interested in pursuing her case against Daniel.

“And I want his family to stop harassing me,” she added.

Frederick then chastised Daniel for wasting the court’s time.

“I did not waste the court’s time . . . me and the complainant ‘gree back . . . I got four children Sir . . . the complainant bitter, Sir. She trying to keep me in here because she doesn’t want me to release some pictures and videos of her,” he said.

That comment earned him a warning from the magistrate who told him to ensure that the said pictures and videos did not get on social media as it was an offence.

“This is sad. I got my children to deal with, Sir, the complainant has children but they don’t live with her Sir,” Daniel pleaded, stressing, “This is sad” as he walked out the dock.

He remains on remand until June 30.

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