GUYANA – ‘Jealous husband’ hacks wife to death

GEORGETOWN ––A 31-year-old Mahaica woman was hacked to death by her “extremely jealous” husband, who later turned himself over to police, with the murder weapons.

Cindy Pitt called Candacy, of 18 Chelsea Park, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, died almost instantly around 9:45 p.m. on Wednesday after she was attacked by her husband Athlone Pitt called “Buddy”, in the compound of the Bygeval Secondary School, where she was employed as a security guard.

Cindy Pitt and her husband in happier times.
Cindy Pitt and her husband in happier times.

Her cousin Brenda Thomas, who also works at the location, was wounded after she tried to deny the killer entry to the compound.

Police said that they are investigating the murder of Pitt, who was attacked by her husband at her workplace and dealt multiple chops about her body. The police also confirmed that the man attacked Thomas, 51, also of Chelsea Park.

Both women were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where Pitt was pronounced dead on arrival and Brenda Thomas admitted for treatment.

“The husband of Candacy Pitt, Athlone Pitt surrendered to the police and confessed to the crime.

“He is currently in police custody assisting with the investigation,” the police statement said.

From all indications Pitt’s killing though shocking, was not surprising, since her husband had always threatened to kill her.

“He nah want she work. They married 13 years. He nah want wuk, he deh ah drink de rum all de time,” Yvonne Andrews, the dead woman’s mother told Kaieteur News.

The woman said that her daughter only began working at the school located a short distance from her home, about two months ago with Thomas, who happens to be her cousin.

According to Andrews, her son-in law was extremely jealous and was recently heard accusing his wife of being unfaithful.

Recently some construction workers began work at the school and according to reports, some of them would overnight at the location. This apparently incensed Athlone Pitt further, especially since his wife worked there at nights.

Andrews said that her son-in law was heard asking villagers to encourage his wife to leave the job. He had also threatened her if she did not terminate her employment.

As a result, Cindy Pitt became afraid and spent the entire Wednesday at her mother’s nearby residence.

“Me tell she every time, ‘Cindy go to de station. Mek a report’, but she nah want go, she frighten he. Me seh gal, ‘tek life seriously’, but she nah want. She seh nah worry wid he, he can’t kill, he can’t do nothing,” Yvonne Andrews told Kaieteur News.

She said that on Wednesday night after her son-in-law had had his fair share of liquor, she sensed that something was about to happen, but she did not expect it to be so tragic.

According to Andrews, she was at home in a blackout when she heard her son-in law knocking at her door calling for his wife. When he got no answer, the man began calling for his mother-in-law and she too did not answer him, and he eventually left.

She said that she called another relative to inform the other guard Brenda Thomas to come and accompany Pitt to the worksite, since she was sure that Pitt’s husband was waiting to harm her.

Eventually Pitt’s father accompanied her to work.

On his way back, Pitt’s father met her husband and they had a little chat, but he did not know the man had sinister plans for his daughter.

The dead woman’s mother said that her son-in-law then left and went to the school compound to confront his wife. The attack happened outside the guard hut.

Speaking to Kaieteur News from her hospital bed, the wounded Thomas said that the killer came to the guard hut and called out for his wife.

“He called her and they talked by the gate, and I heard her say, ‘boy, go home and sleep’,” Thomas recalled.

She said that Pitt’s husband went away and returned, and he saw a man who was working in the compound near the guard hut.

At the time, the man was reportedly making enquiries about another guard. On seeing the man, Pitt’s husband said, ‘oh, you got man,’ and she replied, ‘boy, me ain’t got man.’

She said that he left, and returned a third time. This time, he opened the gate and entered the compound, and he started firing chops with a very sharp cutlass at Thomas.

Thomas said she was cut in the palm of her right hand when she held on to the cutlass to try to save herself. She was unaware that the man had already chopped her to the back and stomach.

She said that Pitt, who was nearby, said ‘boy, what happen to you?’

Thomas said she fled out of the compound, while her cousin ran to the back of the compound. It was there that Cindy Pitt was reportedly pushed to the ground and hacked to death.

Kaieteur News understands that Pitt received two chops to her neck, three on her hand, two on her back and one in her face.

“I run to the gate and start hollering ‘murder, murder’, but nobody came to rescue us,” Thomas recalled.

Thomas said that she fled to her village. It was only when she arrived home that she became aware of her injuries, when one of her children said, “mommy, you get chop.”

By now news of the tragedy had reached Pitt’s parents, and her mother along with other relatives rushed to the scene.

“She cousin call and tell me ‘Buddy murder Cindy in at de school.’ We run out barefoot. All she foot, he chop all she hand and she face . . . nothing he nah give she in life . . . all he give she is sheer stress,” the dead woman’s mother lamented.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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    Jasmin Warmington June 4, 2016 at 12:47 am

    What is wrong with these people?!

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    People have to realise they own no one wife husband boyfriend girlfriend.This . . . is . . . bad and disgusting behaviour.You do not and will never own me.


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