Soca Snypa Bajan to the bone

Barbadian DJ Pedro Gooding, also known as Soca Snypa, has a genuine love for his island home. Wherever he goes to perform, he carries Barbados with him proudly and constantly promotes our island.

This passion did not go unnoticed. While at the popular Notting Hill carnival in the UK last year, Soca Snypa caught the attention of television producer Brian Royer, founder of the Royerism Television Network.

Soca Snypa at Gospel Fest  One Awesome Day.
Soca Snypa at Gospelfest One Awesome Day.

“He [Gooding] is one of the most passionate Barbadians, in fact, passionate human beings that I have met in my life. If anything can restore tourism back in Barbados, it is him,” says Royer.

Gooding expressed his passion for promoting Barbados as a tourist destination to world and Royer jumped at the idea. They then met with the Barbados High Commission in London and gave them a very lengthy pitch of their idea, in which they were very interested.

The idea was to promote tourism in Barbados through a reality TV show called The Chronicles of Soca Snypa where Gooding would visit key areas in Barbados to promote the heritage and culture of the island.

During the show, he would give the audience a sneak peek at how he prepares for events and what he does during his downtime in Barbados. The show is primarily targeting the UK market and worldwide as the aim is to showcase Barbados’ tourism product and also our heritage.

The pilot episode was shot at multiple locations – the cliffs at Fortescue, St Philip, the beach at East Coast Road and the iconic views of Cherry Tree Hill, St Peter. They also went to a dance school to take in a twerking session. They went to Bath in St John where Gooding found some almonds on the ground. In true Bajan style, he found a rock, pounded open the shell and ate the nut inside. He then proclaimed: “You could never go hungry in Barbados.”

Soca Snypa lives by a mantra which he adapted from the words of our pledge: “ . . . and by my living to do credit to our nation, wherever I go.” And it is this mantra that drives his passion for Barbados and his enthusiasm while filming the reality series.  He refuses to change his accent for the series, and noted with a chuckle that subtitles will be added for others to understand.

As a DJ, Gooding will not limit himself to one genre or arena. He performs at weddings, Gospelfest, Notting Hill and has even done a back-in-time party in New York. He considers himself a DJ for everyone and loves the versatility.

With the series The Chronicles of Soca Snypa, he wants to present a fresh approach to Barbados’ tourism product, and bring back the vibrancy to tourism because as Barbadians, “we are all supposed to play our part”.

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    Sharon Sealy June 2, 2016 at 9:14 pm

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