Bravo says accept T20 reality

West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo has said it will take more than just a two-tier divisional system to increase the popularity of Test cricket worldwide.

World cricket’s governing body, the International Cricket Council, is due to hold discussions with each of its member nations with regards to a proposed league for Test cricket.

The proposal, which could be established inside three years, is an attempt to increase the worldwide popularity of the five-day game, which has decreased rapidly following the introduction of Twenty20 cricket.

However Bravo, who has played 40 Test matches for the West Indies, says the ICC needs to “face reality” and is critical of the proposals.

“It will struggle because of the shorter formats of the game,” said the Trinidadian, who retired from Test cricket in 2015.

“It’s shorter, it’s more entertaining, it’s more fan friendly. The kids look more towards the shorter format.

“I think people just have to face reality, times change. Kids realise that it will benefit them financially if they play the shorter format of the game.

“As a Test player, those who are in charge have to do something differently to encourage people to play Test cricket.

“As professional players, this is what you do for a living. So it’s common sense, if you weigh it up, if it doesn’t benefit you financially – players know and make decisions for their family and their careers.”

England bowler Mark Wood was also critical of the proposals and said players would rather have the possibility of facing all of the Test playing nations, rather than a select few.

“I really like the way it was. I don’t know if that would make it more competitive with the two divisions but I’d like to leave it the way it is,” said Wood.

“Representing your country and playing against all countries in different conditions is a huge challenge in itself.
“So for me I would like it to stay as it is.”

Source: (Sky)

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