Bajan duo on the rise

If everything goes according to plan, Oneikon could be the next big thing coming out of Barbados to hit the international entertainment scene.

Twins Dylan and Dylano Atkins have always had a love for the arts and are now ready to take the world by storm.

Dylan and Dylano Atkins.
Dylan and Dylano Atkins.

The 22-year-olds told Bajan Vibes recently they were ready to make their names known worldwide and be the next artistes from Barbados to fly the flag high.

They are currently signed to the Music Royalty Label based in New York City and in the process of putting out their first album.

“It’s going to be everything. We are doing songs that can go a far way. We aren’t sure when it is going to come out but we know its going to be great,” Dylano said.

But just how did two young boys from Barbados get signed to a major label in the United States? Dylan told Bajan Vibes it was just good timing and meeting with the right people.

“We were going to come out as singer/song writers. We went to a producer in Canada and he told us no. We are both stars so he advised us both to sing and write. We did a cover by Chris Brown called ‘X’ and put it out on YouTube while we were in Canada. Media Royalty saw our cover and they spoke to us, came down to Barbados to meet with us and then we flew out and were signed in New York,” Dylan explained.

He added: “It has been going great so far. Every business has their ups and downs but so far so good.”

And the duo doesn’t want to be branded as just singers; they are looking to tap into everything including dancing and acting. And with the help of their label and management, they are on course to doing just that.

“Our label has us auditioning for Empire [the United States television show]. We don’t know where it is going yet, but we are hoping it works out. They are also working on a reality show for Oneikon. It was always a dream of ours so fingers crossed. We are looking at the entire package. We want to be labeled as entertainers. We do everything,” Dylan said.

Dylano said for them, this was all a dream come true, as they wanted careers in arts from the time they knew they could sing and dance. They told Bajan Vibes they get their inspiration from many of their favourite artistes including, Neyo, Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Beiber and Rihanna, some of whom they have already met.

“We look up to these artistes a lot. We look up to them because that’s the goal. We met Neyo and Usher already. We ran into him on the street. We love Michael Jackson as well, but he has passed now and we are sorry we never met him,” the former St Leonard’s Boys students said.

At present, they are in Barbados for a short vacation. While here, they have been doing a number of shows, the last of which was the BMEX showcase last month. The duo said they are overwhelmed by the love they are receiving from the Bajan public so far.

“We did quite a number of shows here in Barbados since we were back. The public is treating us really good. It’s amazing. I didn’t think it would have been like that but it’s been really good [and] we love it. We have been in New York a year now full time but we always come home,” Dylan said.

As for being identical twins, the boys believe that this is a plus for them. They dress alike, speak alike and admittedly, think alike.

“We dressed alike one day for fun and we just decided to go with it because it worked. We decided it would be our gimmick. And it definitely works,” Dylan added.

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