Ah-Dee-Lah spreading her wings

Last year she told audiences all across Barbados to remember her as she was determined to leave a legacy.

 Following her 2015 Junior Calypso Monarch performance, it can be said that Ah-Dee-Lah is well on her way to achieving such.

 In a relaxed interview recently with Bajan Vibes, Ah-Dee-Lah said she was still on cloud nine after winning her first ever crown. She said it was a fantastic year afterwards.

Ah-Dee-Lah during last year’s Junior Monarch finals.
Ah-Dee-Lah during last year’s Junior Monarch finals.

 “The year was great. After winning, people recognized me more and I got the opportunity to go to Trinidad and Tobago and represent Barbados,” she said.

 “I also got a lot of opportunities to sing here at different events and so on. So in terms of publicity, it was great. I also learnt a lot in that time.

 “It was great getting to go to another Caribbean island. It’s a lot different to Barbados. But I was glad to see a different place and getting to interact with the children, getting to see their culture and different things,” she said.

 Unfortunately, Ah-Dee-Lah will not be able to defend her crown this year, as she has now moved on from the junior calypso competition. She said while she will miss it, she was glad to be spreading her wings.

 “I miss it a lot already. I went to preliminaries recently and couldn’t help but think back that this was me not too long ago.  But at the same time, I know it’s time to move on to the bigger stage but I miss it a lot,” she said.

 This year, Ah-Dee-Lah’s main focus will be the Pic O De Crop competition. She told Bajan Vibes she already has her songs for the year.

 “I am a part of the All Stars tent now. I don’t know how to feel as yet. I have only been to rehearsals so far so I don’t really get a chance to interact with everyone so I don’t know the vibe as yet. It’s just cool being in a tent. I wouldn’t be entering any other competitions apart from Pic O De Crop as yet. One step at a time,” she said.

 Having to write examinations did not leave her with a lot of time to get into the two songs fully but now that exams are over, the songs are her main focus.

 “My two songs are really nice this year. One was written by Gabby, called Barbados Your Mother. It’s speaking about things I have seen going on in the country, appealing to the public to treat Barbados like their bride.

“The second one written by Chrystal Cummins Beckles. It’s called I Now Land.When you hear it, it’s basically saying ‘well I now come from the Pic O De Crop and into the seniors and I’ve come to voice my opinion on what I’m seeing, how I feel about the industry. It’s basically an empowering song for women. I’m really excited to perform them,” the bubbly young entertainer said.

 Apart from that, Ah-Dee-Lah also revealed that she has a Kiddies Kadooment band this year, Funtasy Island, which she is really excited about.

“I’m really excited about the band and I hope it goes well. I love young children. I am always there trying to give as much advice as I can. What I plan to do is go into the schools and give away costumes, talk to the children, get them familiar with the band and me again,” she said.

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