Maid charged with forging cheque

Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius today ordered a pre-sentencing report on a 32-year-old maid who is currently on remand at HMP Dodds for fraud.

Rosalind Patricia Alleyne of Collington Drive, Crane, St Philip, who was granted bail on two previous occasions, is charged with one count of demanding property on a fraudulent instrument and one count of uttering a forged instrument.

When she appeared in Court No.5 of the Supreme Court, Alleyne, who is representing herself, again pleaded guilty to both charges.

Reading from the fact sheet, the prosecutor revealed that Alleyne uttered to Romel Graham on May 6, 2011 a forged bill of exchange to First Caribbean International Bank for $4,000, knowing it to be forged.

She was employed as a house cleaner at the residence of Sally Heywood at the time when the offence was committed.

The court heard that the St Philip woman, who is known to the court due to a previous theft charge, admitted in a statement that she took a cheque belonging to Heywood while cleaning an upstairs bedroom where there were “a lot of cheque books”.

She also admitted contacting someone referred to as “A” to discuss the matter who later told her that the cheque was “good to go and the account had a lot of money”.

After the said cheque was cashed, she paid “A” $2,000 and another person referred to as “B” $1,000 for their help and she kept the remainder which she used to buy groceries, pay her grandmother’s electricity bill, shuttle fees for her daughter and “partied with the rest”.

“That is true, I wrote the signature, received money from it and profit,” the statement which was signed by Alleyne read.

However, the former maid pleaded not guilty to stealing jewelry worth over $19,000 from Heywood’s residence on the same date.

She is to return to court on September 13, pending completion of the pre-sentencing report.

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