Waste water and sewage connection target missed

Government has fallen short of its stated target for the number of homes to be connected to the Bridgetown waste water and sewage disposal system under the Housing and Neighbourhood Upgrading Programme.

Senator Patrick Todd has reported that 104 households had been connected to the system, 60 short of projected figure.

He said pipes had been laid in 19 vacant or unoccupied houses and lots and there were 36 properties for which the owners could not be traced or displayed a lack of interest.

Todd told the Senate yesterday that nine additional households would benefit from the construction of water-borne sanitary toilet and bath facilities.

The former Member of Parliament for The City was addressing the Upper House during debate on a resolution seeking approval for the vesting in the Barbados Water Authority, Crown lands at Garden Land and Skeete’s Road in Bank Hall for the construction of a pump station and septic tank as part of the Housing and Neighbourhood Upgrading Programme.

“What we’re transferring to the control of the Barbados Water Authority is assets valued at a total of $2,538,781.87. These assets will be transferred to the Water Authority as part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management, 210.5 square metres of land at the Garden Land St Michael, 90 square metres of land at Skeete’s Road, Bank Hall St Michael, septic tanks, wells, manholes, sewage pipes and over 100 connections,” Todd told the Upper House. 

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  1. jrsmith May 28, 2016 at 3:33 am

    What Government is this man talking about,, we would be better off being govern from (Westminster ) one of you clever people do a poll in the region to test the same…


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