In recovery

Nakira’s safe, now family seeks answers

Family members of Nakira Goddard of Gall Hill, Christ Church are turning their attention to the 25-year-old’s psychological and physical recovery after she was found last night wandering the beach in St Philip.

Nakira Goddard
Nakira Goddard

Goddard was reported missing in the early hours of yesterday morning after her brother found a disturbing note which she had left on the kitchen table about 2 a.m.

Police found her late last night walking along Long Beach and took the hearing-impaired mother of one to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), where she was admitted. It was not immediately clear when she would be discharged.

“She is holding up; she has no real physical issues. She is just a bit disoriented [and] she is extremely tired. She hadn’t eaten since she left here. She is having some tests done and is being kept for observation,” Goddard’s sibling Nia told Barbados TODAY.

Nia Goddard
Nia Goddard

Nia, 27, said family members would now turn their attention to getting her younger sister the help she needs and getting to the bottom of why she ran away and the reasons she left a note indicating she was going to kill herself.

When Barbados TODAY visited her home yesterday, Nia had said family members were petrified after they read the message that Goddard had left on the table.

“I am sorry, I am going to kill myself. No one knows where I went, only God knows. I love you. To all my brothers and sisters, I am sorry,” the elder sister quoted from the note at the time as she struggled to hold back tears.

Nia seemed rested today, with the visible signs of sleep deprivation disappearing.

She said her sister had wept bitterly after they reunited at the hospital, repeatedly stating how sorry she was for what she
had done.

“She just saw me and she started crying. She is still a little withdrawn and disappointed in herself, but she will pull through it.

“I am not in her head and people deal with stuff differently. I don’t know what she was going through or how she took it, so I can’t be angry. But I am just grateful. I am just happy she didn’t do what she said she would do.

“We just want to ensure that she knows now she don’t have to face it again by herself,” the sibling stressed.

The family received widespread support during the ordeal, with many Barbadians posting prayers and messages of concern and consolation on social media, gestures for which Nia said the family was thankful.

This support continued after Goddard was found, and among those commenting today was the special envoy for people with disabilities Roslyn Hurley.

She posted on Barbados TODAY’s Facebook page she was glad Goddard had been found and the young woman’s well-being ought to be a priority.

“Nakira is a beautiful young lady who took part in the Shine Like A Diamond Pageant for young people with disabilities in 2015. She was judged the 1st runner up and best talent.

“While rehearsing for the pageant Nakira communicated that she had some personal struggles and I am hoping that she will now receive the required help and love that she seems to need,” Hurley’s wrote.

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  1. Brewster May 25, 2016 at 3:43 am

    Communication is the key friends and family gather around and show her that life is always worth living.


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