City tragedy

mother of five collapses in store and dies

A young woman who collapsed and died in a Roebuck Street store this evening suffered from a heart condition, a family member said.

It has not yet been determined how 34-year-old Melissa Dappa Katt Went of Scarborough, Christ Church died, but her brother, Randy, told Barbados TODAY the mother of five was hospitalized two months ago after suffering a heart attack.

Thirty-four-year-old Melissa Went.
Thirty-four-year-old Melissa Went.

Went was having lunch at Ruff N Tuff Remix Boutique when she started having trouble breathing before collapsing, those who were at the store said.

When Barbados TODAY visited Went’s family home at Silver Hill, Christ Church this evening, a black flag was flying high, signifying a family in mourning. However, her mother Susan was too distraught to speak about the loss of the second of her four children.

It was her brother who explained that the family was struggling to come to terms with Went’s sudden death, despite her heart condition.

Randy Went, the brother of Melissa Went who collapsed and died in a City store this afternoon.
Randy Went, the brother of Melissa Went who collapsed and died in a City store this afternoon.

“I still can’t believe my sister pass away because I know she as a fighter. She talks like a fighter. I didn’t know my sister would go long just so. Everybody liked Melissa because she would have her last and give you her last. I used to tell her, ‘do you and you would be way better off in life,’” Randy said.

As news spread of Went’s untimely death, her friends and relatives gathered at the scene where there was a sombre mood. Some of her close friends could not hold back the tears. One young woman fell to the ground, covering her face, but the tears trickled down onto her shirt.

A grieving friend of Melissa Went being comforted at the scene.
A grieving friend of Melissa Went being comforted at the scene.

In a nearby store was sales assistant Natalie Howard who had held onto Went for several minutes before she died.

Howard said she had just arrived at the store and had made her way to the back when she heard a loud bang. She said everyone rushed to the source of the sound where they saw the woman gasping for air. An ambulance was called, but by the time paramedics arrived there was nothing they could have done for her.

“I had she head holding up and the other girl was fanning her. She was there [struggling] for breath. Everybody was running, it was confusion,” Howard said putting her hand to her throat as she demonstrated Went’s actions.

Went was not employed at Ruff N Tuff, but she visited the store regularly and interacted with the workers.

A DVD salesman who operates on Swan Street said he had spoken to Went minutes before her passing. The man, who did not give Barbados TODAY his name, said his friend stopped by before making her way onto Roebuck Street, and asked him to put together some DVDs for her. She made plans to collect them later.

He said she appeared in good spirits, laughing and chatting, and had given him a number at which to reach her when the order was ready.

“Well I can’t get that believe. That got me good all now. I now studying the children. That gine got the children good because some of them ain’t that old yet,” the shocked DVD salesman said.

Went’s brother said the former Lester Vaughn student was a hairstylist and babysitter.

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  1. Joel C. Payne
    Joel C. Payne May 23, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    That’s a shame… Considering the hospital was wha?, About 4-5 blocks away? Roebuck Streets turns into Halls Rd. which turns into Martinsdale Rd. where the hospital is. Anybody tried CPR rescue breathing for her? 🙁

  2. lennox hewitt May 24, 2016 at 12:05 am

    So cause hospital near what that mean ? u can’t just move a sick person so no one there no cpr no one no she had heart problems plus d new ambulance may be out unless d rest down 2 but i feel someone may call ambulance

  3. kathy-Ann Clarke May 24, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    Sad story.May she rest in peace, praying for comfort for those who mourn.


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