Vigil for ‘generous giver’ Forde

The avenues and alleys of New Orleans, St Michael were illuminated with candlelight tonight as relatives and friends of a popular local businessman gunned down last week held a vigil in his honour.

Forde’s grieving cousin Susan Forde (left) being comforted by family member Sheila Prescod.
Forde’s grieving cousin Susan Forde (left) being comforted by family member Sheila Prescod.
Candles being lit for Colin Forde.
Candles being lit for Colin Forde.

Colin Forde, 50, of 10th Avenue New Orleans, was shot and killed on May 9 outside his business, Colin’s Sports Bar and Lounge on Baxter’s Road, St Michael.

He was reportedly attacked by two men who later fled in the direction of the playing field at Passage Road, having snatched Forde’s jewelry.

Tonight, his neighbours and relatives walked and sang religious songs, as they called for justice for the man they described as cool, quiet, shy and a generous giver who was always willing to help the members of his community.

The walk ended at Forde’s bar, which has not been reopened since his death.

There, the candles were grouped together on the steps, brightening the area and making it easier to see the tears that flowed from the eyes of those who wept silently. Forde’s relatives in particular, huddled and comforted each other.

The deceased man’s childhood friend Andre Johnson found it difficult to control his emotions, resting his head on the shoulder of one woman who told Barbados TODAY, “coming back here is too much for him to handle”.

Another mourner, Heather Goring said she was still in shock over her friend’s passing.

“I would stop and we would be cracking jokes. Colin always laughing. He was my friend,” Goring said.

Forde’s cousin Arlene Robinson, who addressed the gathering, was eager for the killers to be brought to justice, praying that they would be caught soon.

“It is not fair. It is not right. But we will not take it [out of] God’s hands because at the end of the day he is the Alpha and the Omega,” Robinson declared.

“It is not okay. It is just mankind. Why mankind would think that they can just enjoy somebody else’s fruit of their labour, it is not fair,” she said in reference to Forde’s stolen jewelry.

“But God is looking down from above. He is an all-seeing, all-knowing God and he will bring justice to Colin and his family,” Robinson said, comparing the loss to a limb being broken from her family tree.

Without elaborating, Robinson said Forde was the third member of the family to die tragically. She said justice was not served on the first two occasions but she was hoping that the outcome would be different this time. 

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  1. Brewster May 20, 2016 at 10:40 am

    My condolences to his family and friends. Personally I don’t know them, but I feel their pain all the same. So sad to die in this way especially as he has done no wrong. I pray the culprits will be found and dealt with.


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