Burke making great waves

Barbadian teenage surfer Josh Burke has qualified for the men’s World Surf League QS 6000 Ichinomiya Japan Open to be held in the town of Chiba, approximately 55 kilometres from Tokyo.

Burke, who is on his first full year competing on the WSL Men’s Qualifying Series, arrived in Japan on May 13 to train for the event.

Josh Burke
Josh Burke

“I have never been out here before and wanted to arrive early to climatise. This is a big event and a good result here will throw me up the rankings,” Burke said.

He added: “I am staying with a Japanese friend of mine who lives just a few minutes walk from the event site so with that and their amazing hospitality hopefully things continue to go my way”

The event can be viewed live online World Surf League from May 23 to 30.

Burke is currently ranked fourth on the WSL North American standings and 102nd on the international.

“My goal is to break the top 100 on my first year and to win the North American region. This way I can qualify for all the 6K & 10k events which are the ones that really mean the most,” Burke stated. (PR)

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