Sir Viv backs Ambrose

Richards says test team not place for those with technical issues

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Sir Vivian Richards has come out in defence of sacked West Indies bowling coach Sir Curtly Ambrose.

Sir Vivian Richards (left) and Sir Curtly Ambrose
Sir Vivian Richards (left) and Sir Curtly Ambrose

Sir Curtly was sacked as West Indies bowling coach and replaced by Barbados’ Roddy Estwick ahead of next month’s tri-nation series with the visiting Australia and South Africa teams.

But Sir Vivian placed his support firmly behind Ambrose regarding the idea that technical deficiencies be fixed before players come to the West Indies set-up.

“If you have technical issues, then you shouldn’t be in the team and I could be wrong, but that’s the way I look at it,” Ambrose had said of West Indies coach Phil Simmons’ rational for moving away from his as bowling coach.

Sir Vivian was in complete agreement.

“That’s for the academies, in my opinion, and he (Sir Curtly) put it so perfectly when he said that if you are going to need all this technical help later on when you are part of the senior team, it means that something is wrong and it’s quite mind-boggling,” Sir Vivian said.

“At the international level is where you are looking to get results. If a guy happens to lose his action or struggle with his run-up a little bit, which can happen, those are easy things to iron out. But if you have a serious technical issue, there is no way you can rectify that in one or two days in the nets. It’s almost impossible,” Ambrose had said.

What is more, Ambrose has pointed to his dissatisfaction with the way his sacking was handled, saying that at no point did anyone say to him there was a problem.

Earlier this year former Barbados all-rounder Franklyn Stephenson who runs the Franklyn Stephenson Academy, and is considered one of the greatest West Indians never to have played Test cricket, described Sir Curtly as one of the worst coaches he had ever seen.

Stephenson, who dominated the English county scene in the 1980s with bat and especially ball, said Sir Curtly was not the man to inspire bowlers to success on the pitch.

“He was a fantastic bowler but he’s the worst coach I’ve seen. He came here [Franklyn Stephenson Academy] to our camp but didn’t say a single word to any bowler. He is just for show, nothing more,” Stephenson said then.

He added the obsession with giving jobs to former Test players was holding back the West Indies side’s progress.

“They’ve been the worst coaches. The results tell you that. They want to give back, but they give back with their hands open,” he said in January. 

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2 Responses to Sir Viv backs Ambrose

  1. Nathaniel Samuels May 20, 2016 at 12:41 am

    There will always be players with technical problems at the test level, especially in the West Indies. Just look at most of the present players and you will see that so blaringly. Blackwood comes to mind immediately; he cannot play a defensive stroke proper so he will be fodder for good bowlers. And lest we forget, many players in the past also had the same deficiencies in batting, bowling and fielding. I am not saying that these guys will not do very well but our players go into the lion’s den with more deficiencies than the players of the other countries.
    This problem will continue unless the better coaches are given opportunities to work with the players and the former players, unless they are given training to become coaches, need to stay far away from the players. Yet there is use for these former players to mentor said players which Ambrose clearly was but our bowlers and batsmen have not really looked the part. How Williams continues as the batting coach boggles the mind especially since he has no reputation as having done good work with players from the Leewards at any level. But then again he played test cricket so will get that opportunity before more deserving and successful coaches who unfortunately did not play at the highest level.
    One thing I am fairly sure of is that, if for instance, Ian Allen had been the bowling consultant in the place of Ambrose, for the time that Ambrose was there and with the same results and was then
    replaced by the said Ambrose, there would be not even a squeak from Richards or any of the other former players.
    The WICB needs to get a team of top coaches and use them to drive the fortunes of West Indies cricket in order to ensure that the players reach the highest level with fewer deficiencies than they have now.

  2. Leroy Parris May 20, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    Problems and more problems that’s West Indies cricket for you. Why not let’s go back to the elementary level , the basics. Send them back to primary school and let them start to learn again. Having a new coach is of no help to that lot. They are not any good. If I had anything to do with that board I would look for a team of 15 year olds and start grooming them. Let’s forget about the men who are just looking for a pay cheque. Tell the greedy grabbers goodbye, and do so without a ” thank you”.


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