Eversley to deliver Woodroffe lecture

Veteran journalist, strategic communications specialist, political strategist and Barbados TODAY columnist Reudon Eversley will deliver the third annual Sir Cuthbert Woodroffe Memorial Lecture on Thursday in Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Eversley, a double Master’s degree graduate of Carleton University in journalism and political management who also holds a Diploma in Theological Studies from Codrington College,
will speak on the subject “Revisiting ‘Word’ and ‘Way’: Communicating Christ to Contemporary Audiences”.

“Communication has always been the lifeblood of the Church. Success in every aspect of Christian ministry hinges on effective communication,” said Eversley, a practising Anglican and occasional preacher.

“I will be sharing ideas on how the Church can be more effective in its ministry today, given the challenges of connecting with audiences in the over-communicated environment of today.”

The annual lecture is sponsored by the Diocese of the Windward Islands to honour the memory of His Grace, The Most Reverend Sir George Cuthbert Manning Woodroffe, its longstanding former diocesan bishop who also served as Archbishop of the Province of the West Indies from 1980-86.

Sir Cuthbert, who was trained at Codrington College and served in Barbados for many years, died in 2012.

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