British trio jailed

COURT TODAY BLOCKThree British nationals will spend at least the next two years behind bars after admitting to fraudulent credit card transactions.

Michael Akinwale Akingbade, a 33-year-old civil engineer; Joseph Adedapo King, a 30-year-old courier; and 19-year-old Mukhtar Mohamed Muctar Abbasheikh have pleaded guilty to dishonestly obtaining one watch each from three different establishments, valued at $22,500, $15,485 and $17,300 respectively.

Abbasheikh has also been convicted of one count of going equipped for which he received an additional year in jail.

The stores targeted in the scam were Diamonds International, the Royal Shop and Cartiers.

In sentencing the men, Justice Jacqueline Cornelius said she had taken several factors into consideration. Among them was defence counsel’s Andrew Pilgrim QC’s mitigation that his clients had all expressed remorse and were considered to have a low risk of reoffending by probation officers. He said they were well-educated men who had alternatives to criminal activity.

Even though Pilgrim urged the court to impose non-custodial sentences, particularly since the watches had been recovered “in mint condition,” the judge shared the prosecutor’s view that only a custodial sentence would suffice.

She referred to Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts’ submissions that the Englishmen had attempted “a sophisticated undertaking”, had acted as a group, and had targeted high-value items.

The convicted men obtained three watches valued over $55,000 from jewellery stores earlier this year.

Cornelius felt that the crimes were not “spur of the moment” but were well planned, with an aim to obtaining “expensive consumer items” from a country which they viewed as “slow”.

Further, there was no proof coming from Interpol to support Mukhtar’s statement to the police that he had been forced into the criminal activity by a South London gang and failure to participate would have put him or his family in jeopardy.

As first time offenders, “ you jumped into the deep end of the pool of criminal activity with both feet and with your eyes open,” the judge remarked.

Meanwhile, the fourth person charged, Melissa Latoya Cumberbatch, a self-employed 30-year-old from Carrington Village, St Michael, has maintained her denial of the charges. She remains on $15,000 bail.

3 Responses to British trio jailed

  1. Steve Coward May 15, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    They deserved what they’ve got. There are two many foreign nationals that think that we the people of Barbados are slow or somewhat not as sophisticated as others,but they often find out that we have some of the brightest minds anywhere.
    They sure couldn’t have gotten away with that at home ,but obviously felt that they could pull of such a fraudulent venture in Barbados.

  2. maxjustina May 18, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    In just the same way that other non-nationals enter our islands, get themselves acquainted with our Barbadian nationals, young or old, dupe them, isolate them from their family members and childhood friends; make them spend all their savings, cash in their insurance policies; they do all they could to avoid any sexual contact with them but offer to cook food for them and lace it with the particular “white rock” from the particular plant which causes under their eyes to look black and somewhat sunk. Within a short time the victim dies mysteriously and our doctors attribute death to other causes. Then these non-nationals own the houses of their victims in 95% of these situations.

    Another thing that they do is: if per change you find out their criminal plans for your life and you get them out of your space, they then turn to conjure up demonic forces in your house to cause you sickness, make your children get into trouble with the law and cause you to never have money despite how you may try to save. They also assign spiritual wives and husbands to their victims so that any relationship they enter afterwards will end always in disappointment for the victim.

    The Bible tells us that the tongue of strange women / men are like pits. We all know that when you fall into a pit, you would never get out by yourself. Unfortunately, by then, no one even remembers that you are still alive because, you had already isolated them. You remain in that pit until Yahoveh sends someone to rescue you.

    Barbadians need to show such non-nationals that we are not “slow” anymore. Our eyes are opening. In most cases these non-nationals only want to get a Barbadian passport in order to step off to Canada or England and pose as Barbadians. May Yahoveh save us from them!

  3. Alex 3 May 23, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    “they were well-educated men who had alternatives to criminal activity.”
    Serves them right.
    Another great job by law enforcement in Barbados.


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