Senators call attention to roads

Independent Senator John Watson is not at all happy with the quality of Barbados’ roads.

He told the Senate during yesterday’s debate:  “There is a lot of work to be done on roads [and I am] concerned about the quality of the roads.”

Watson went as far as to compare the manner in which “real road building” was done years ago with today, where “we watch some big barber green machines roll down the road and roll on some black substance on the road.

“Within a year of a new road being built, you are seeing deterioration. As a matter of fact, I believe that if you get heavy rains, it would also deteriorate even quicker, and rain washes away big pieces of asphalt and washes away some of the underlay under that asphalt,” Watson charged.

He told colleagues that the situation was further compounded by the number of “big vehicles” traversing the island’s roads.

“They are destroying our roads,” he charged. “I believe that roads are built to withstand a certain level of weight  . . . so in other to protect our roads, [we need to] be very selective about the roads on which certain vehicles can travel and also be very selective about the kinds and the types of vehicles that we allow into Barbados to be on our roads.

“This, Madam President, should be done because by not doing it, I think you are costing ourselves a lot of money unnecessarily,” Watson told the Upper House.

The senator also raised issue with the drainage on the country’s roads.

Meantime, the Ministry of Transport and Works was urged by the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator The Very Reverend Harold Crichlow to make repairs to tenantry roads.

“Our tenantry roads need to be looked at. Sometimes we spend most of the time looking after the main roads and so on and we have some very good main roads in Barbados but a lot of people live in tenantries and we have to remember that our tenantry roads need to be repaired and a lot of them need to be surfaced in the first place,” he advised.

Following the debate, the Land Acquisition Act for the Warrens Traffic Safety Improvement Project was passed.

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  1. Alex Alleyne May 13, 2016 at 7:13 am


  2. Tony Waterman May 13, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    @Independent Senator John Watson :-“Watson went as far as to compare the manner in which “real road building” was done years ago with today, where “we watch some big barber green machines roll down the road and roll on some black substance on the road.”
    Senator Watson, i am hoping that you are being Facetious, and NOT Stupis, The Black Substance is Called ASHPHALT, and is far SUPERIOUR to the tar and Gravel that was the Norm Back in the day.
    You have however alluded to what in my Opinion is the REAL problem with Roads of Barbados Today, in the old Days they were ONLY Single Axle, Bedfords, Thames, Morris Albion etc etc Trucks and Busses on the Roads of Barbados, now everyone thinks that it is their God given Right to have an 8 axle, Split Tranny, Multiple shifter, 53 ft. Tractor/Trailer in their Fleet, the REAL problem with this is that the Roads Today (Not withstanding the Black Substance) are still being made with the old Coral stone AGGREGATE as it’s Base, and this AGGREGATE is USELESS when it comes to supporting the weight of the Behemoths, Our Road Engineers have failed us MNiserably, in not realising that the Base to withstand these new Loads MUST be Changed.(Lack of Experience, not Qualification)
    Ask Yourself this!!! Why is it that Jubmo Jets, Virgin Atlantic Behemoths, Dreamliners, can Land and take off literally Thousands of times per Month from the Landing Strips at GAIA, and still remain Intact for Years, but our Roads only last for a Couple of years at most??? The AGGREGATE used in the Building of those Landing/Takeoff Strips was IMPORTED, as what we had available was deemed by the ENGINEERS, to be INADIQUATE for that JOB.

    BTW:- you don’t have to go too far to get proper AGGREGATE to make our Roads better and last longer, avery similar Aggregate, as that used at the GAIA, is available in St.Lucia, so how about acquiring enough to Repair a few Kms of a Very well used Road and see how Long it will last with NO Maintenance at all being done to it.
    my hop is that some one in the Road Building Fraternity, will read this and Perhaps start to think.
    I am NO Expert in Anything, but thinking goes a long way in solving problems, if one REALLY wants to solve them.

    MAY GOD BLESS BARBADOS AT 50, and let’s hope for a better next 50

  3. jrsmith May 18, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    It seems as though we are finding it hard to recruit the right persons , to manage the road infrastructure in Barbados.. come with the roads the drainage still old 1950 wells, the roads then give up the ghost of being wash away because of bad construction. The whole infrastructure in Barbados is bad through political neglect..


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