Bloody end

Latest victim dies at his ‘doorstep’

It has been a bloody two weeks in Barbados with three people losing their lives as a result of gun violence.

Last night, 40-year-old Scherno Ricardo Rose of Neil’s Tenantry, St Michael became the latest victim.

Scherno Ricardo Rose
Scherno Ricardo Rose

Police said the father of two was standing with others when unidentified gunmen approached and “discharged a firearm several times” hitting him in the upper torso before he collapsed and died a short distance from his home.

These plant pots and blood stains mark the spot where Scherno Ricardo Rose died last night.
These plant pots and blood stains mark the spot where Scherno Ricardo Rose died last night.

Another man was shot in his left foot during the 10:10 p.m. incident and had to be transported to hospital by private vehicle.

Today, Henrico Alcindor, the father of Rose’s partner, expressed shock and disbelief over the killing. He said Rose was simply “hanging out” as he usually did after work at Royal Westmoreland, when he met his unexpected demise.

Henrico Alcindor is saddened by the tragic death of his daughter’s boyfriend Scherno Ricardo Rose who was shot a short distance away from his Neil’s Tenantry, St Michael home.
Henrico Alcindor is saddened by the tragic death of his daughter’s boyfriend Scherno Ricardo Rose who was shot a short distance away from his Neil’s Tenantry, St Michael home.

To add to the family’s heartbreak, Rose’s two children, Tashae and Tashala, witnessed their father dying on the pavement.

“The shooting happened by the shop out there. He tried to get away from there but they shot him. He fell down right in front the house. It was heartbreaking for the children to come out and see their dad on the pavement,” he told Barbados TODAY.

“If I taking it so hard you could imagine the children. He is their heartbeat. They do well in school because of their dad. Those children are going to miss him sorely. I hope that it doesn’t take a serious toll on their education because I always speak to them about education and they doing well so far,” he added.

Alcindor also revealed that his daughter Aminata Holder, who had been in a relationship with the deceased for about ten years, was broken up over his death.

“Scherno don’t get in no trouble with no person,” he noted.

Alcindor has been aware of the escalating violence in the country, but never in his wildest dreams did he anticipate the bloodshed would land on his doorstep, the saddened man said.

He was therefore adamant that more needed to be done to address worrying crime, even as he expressed the view that  some people “go into prison and get worst and come back out and do people wrong.

“They don’t [have] respect for God and I think that something more can be done. Most of them are dropouts; they envious and vicious of things in the world.

“They don’t know how to work for them. They didn’t take their education seriously,” he said, while issuing the warning that if  “the system don’t have no place to put these people, it is going to get worse”.

Alcindor, who is a farmer, described Rose as a very loving person who was well respected, and who fitted in well with those he came into contact with.

“I would sit next to him and say, ‘let me sit down next to my son-in-law’, and he would just smile. That made me love him even more,” he said.

His death follows closely on the heels of the murder four nights ago of City businessman Colin Forde. The 50-year-old proprietor of Colin’s Bar and Lounge on Baxter’s Road, St Michael died execution-style after he was sprayed with bullets by two unknown assailants.

Today, Member of Parliament for the City retired Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic expressed deep sadness over the passing of his “dear friend” who he had held discussions with just a few weeks ago on plans to bring Baxter’s Road to life in between the Crop Over and Independence.

Ironically, security was one of the topics to be explored.

“Now unfortunately, one of the leading players is no longer with us,” lamented Bostic.

“We actually were going to call a meeting with everybody and also invite the community police post in the New Orleans to see how best we can manage it safely for everyone to try to enjoy Baxter’s Road again. This is really a tragedy and a very sad thing for me,” he told Barbados TODAY.

The Opposition Member of Parliament for the City said he was worried over the recent gunplay that has triggered renewed fears among both residents and business owners in his constituency.

“This must concern all of use. We have to try to grapple with the situation before it really gets worse. It seems to be out of control already,” he said.

“I am saddened that at such an early hour at a place like Baxter’s Road that people would have the mind to do something like that. Baxter’s Road is usually busy and the bus stop is not too far away. It shows how bold people are nowadays and this is a frightening experience,” he said, saying there was real cause for concern.

He also pointed to a recent incident in Barbarees Hill, St Michael in which 57-year-old Veldene Hinds was shot in the head while travelling in a car. Hinds subsequently succumbed to her injuries after she shot in the head while being driven along Barbarees Hill, St Michael on May 1. “It is a disturbing trend,” said Bostic in response to the bloodshed.

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  2. Maria Leclair Dasilva
    Maria Leclair Dasilva May 13, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    It’s not only the young generation.

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    Sharon Woolley May 14, 2016 at 2:18 am

    The gallows should have come back 3 years ago, no one fears Dodds, the young are free after 10 years or so and can still have 40 plus years to enjoy life. The fear is if your caught with some dope because your in far more trouble thn if you murder or rape


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